22 . A change of vision

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When the shimmer of the past is melting into the presence, spreading a scent of attentiveness and inquiringness, our mind may ask for a new reading of the story of our life. An innocuous flicker from a hazy sequence in our memory lane can affect our current awareness, making us raise questions, throwing new light on our expectations; crafting an airy vision of the future.

By recurrently changing the horizon, things can be perceived from another angle and the perspective of our life can be reoriented. If we can't recast our life, our vision of the world gets rusted and the squeaking wheel of our mind will suffer from lack of oil.

Without a clear-cut vision and a proper reading of the roadmap, we may not reach the buoyant shores of the horizon. If we only keep looking into the middle distance, we might easily walk straight into the wall.

When people are just drifting along the tides of life and can't see the shoreline of reality anymore, they may experience someday the irresistible desire for a liberating burst, emerging deeply from the inner self and disentangling them from their manufactured pattern. That day might be a day of all possibilities and make them ready to hit the ground running.

We can't change things without changing our thinking. 


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