187. I hope she won't mind my leaving

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Imagine a celebration or a reception. In the heat of the party, someone wants to sneak out. But nobody wants to be a killjoy.

Some may act as crepehangers merely by their presence or by their disturbing behavior.

By their absence or their lack of enthusiasm, others can't help to be annoying sourpusses.

Fearing they could spoil the general mood and be a nuisance, some might prefer to leave the location without anybody noticing it. By doing so, it may create tension. "Shall I go or shall I stay." This tension between presence and absence, between staying and leaving may unsettle some participants. By leaving they may arouse an impression of letting down friends, by staying they may give the impression of being bored.

In that way, a gathering of people can grow into a battlefield of psychological interpretations of emotions and a confrontation of a dialectic choice between presence and absence.

Presence or absence, staying or not staying, to be or not to be

Presence or absence, staying or not staying, to be or not to be

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