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luna. luke hemmings. by mikemicalromance
luna. luke tyler
"it's tough being a teen." after years of being nothing but a weirdo luna ashwell is making her comeback, shooting through the ranks and defying all high schoo...
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Esther The Mafia Leader's Queen by Jojo_B
Esther The Mafia Leader's Queenby Jojo B
Magnus is the youngest Leader the London Mafia has ever had. At just 27 years old, Magnus has all the riches and total power. He sees himself as a King, and is treated...
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Mistaken Identity by cutestfairy
Mistaken Identityby cutestfairy
My sister is the most dangerous and wanted criminal in the country. And she's my twin. It can make things a bit awkward.
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The Sound of Ice by MAndALaptop
The Sound of Iceby M
Cameron Beckett, a closeted teenager playing in the CHL, has to deal with the dual pressures of making it into the NHL while also not flunking out of school. ...
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Loving the infallible (Ongoing) by Krishnavishta
Loving the infallible (Ongoing)by Jaya Krishna Varshney
Highest: #77 in spiritual on 29/12/17 A STORY ABOUT LOVE BEYOND AGES AND NORMS OF SOCIETY.AN ALTERNATE WAY TO SEEK GOD AND HIS RECIPROCATION. Meera is a simple and intro...
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A thief and a pack of wolves! (ON HOLD) by headintheclouds
A thief and a pack of wolves! ( headintheclouds
Nearly every girl wants a life of friends, family and a boyfriend. Well in Ambers case that life isn't on her list! Amber is a nineteen year old girl with a job she abs...
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The Bodyguard  by blxckbxxk
The Bodyguard by blxckbxxk
"Out and about to explore the world, Dora?" A deep voice behind me laughed. Of course I knew who stood there but I thought he had left hours ago and would com...
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Amnesia by Spirit3007
Amnesiaby Spirit3007
{COMPLETED ~ SHORT READ} Vienna woke up one day in a hospital bed, with random people surrounding her. Confusion, dizziness and frustration reigned over her as she attem...
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Flare | Young Justice by SprinkleTheStory
Flare | Young Justiceby Jenni
Flare is a young quiet but, sometimes an outgoing girl who is hiding many secrets. Her odd appearance is also a mystery to many people. Her gentle smile and support to t...
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Not Who You Think I Am(ON HOLD) by Bugga101
Not Who You Think I Am(ON HOLD)by Bugga101
"Autumn Harper... I... I love you." He says I have to run. I can't stay now. So I run. "Wait Autumn" he grabs my wrist and pulls me so I face him ...
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Imposter Advisory by AtticusBothell
Imposter Advisoryby Arden
*Based off my book Demise, but it doesn't follow the events of that story. It's just the same characters with some differences to them.* My name's A-de. I barely spoke a...
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Mistaken Identity by to_neverlandxx
Mistaken Identityby to_neverlandxx
Isabella Hendrix, a she-wolf awaiting her mate. The Alpha of Nightmeadows happened to be her mate. It was suppose to be the best day ever yet it turned for the worst. Re...
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Billionaire's Identity by leoyakast
Billionaire's Identityby Leoya Kast
I know she hates rich people but I should meet her, I should apologize to her, I should take care of her. She wouldn't allow me to if she knows my true identity that I'm...
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Hollow by JRyann37
Hollowby It’s ya gurl Ryann
*Please note that, before choosing to invest your time in reading my story, I have NO SET UPDATE SCHEDULE. I have a life outside of this one, and it is my main priority...
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Demonicon High:The Dark Secrets by Blayishe
Demonicon High:The Dark Secretsby Scylla
Paaralan pa ba matatawag Mga sekretong kailanman wala tayung alam "FRIENDS" or should I say "ENEMY" A mysterious school that even us can't define it ...
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The Masked Singer by xFakingaSmilex
The Masked Singerby Staaff
• Previously Featured on Wattpad • Everyone dreams of becoming the next big thing in the music industry because who wouldn't dream about enjoying the luxuries of fame...
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Mommy ✓ by dzangiewrites
Mommy ✓by dzangie
Paiten Hearth hates the way Anna Carson makes her feel. Firstly because she's into boys and secondly, that's her father's new girlfriend. ♕ lesbian romance. extended sy...
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My Roommate's Secret √ by xxFatherOfLukexx
My Roommate's Secret √by Luke
Completed. #250 in Werewolf (6/8/17) I reach out my hand shakily to Theresa and she moves forward and takes it, pressing the back of her other, free hand to my forehea...
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denial by immachurchgirl
denialby Rayna Watson
Sophia Palmer has felt in control for years, but when she encounters a new friend at a party one night, she realizes that she's been keeping secrets from everyone, even...
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Peter Parker & The Avengers one shots by StoriesFan102
Peter Parker & The Avengers one StoriesFan102
one shots over Peter Parker and his large family One shots/ Short stories of Peter and MJ aswell Also includes Tom Holland Oneshots /// Sorry if these are really crappy
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