14 "Alpha and Omega"

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In the beginning was the word and the word was love and love was imagination. When love takes us through the sun-dappled garden of our imagination, no stalking horses can perturb the rainbow in our mind or fade out its bright colors reflecting in the blue sky of our memory.

If love can be considered as the basic reason for living: it is the "Alpha and Omega" of our existence.

Though love may be the linchpin of being, it is only sand in a hand palm. The more one squeezes, the more one loses. Love is a promising 'possibility', not an ultimate warranty. It is merely a 'contingent' phenomenon. Starting with the cuddle hormone, the neurotransmitter oxytocin brings about affection, good feeling, sunniness, attachment, passion.

Is love just a butterfly?

Love can tell us so many things about the deep waters of our inner self and the secrecy in the hidden brushwood of our emotions.

But "Time" can be pitiless because time is able to convert the flame of love into a mood of restraint. A paradise of adulation can become a setting of animosity. Ecstasy can change into indifference. Mutual complicity can become a balance of power and heaven can turn into hell.

Eventually, we may become our only best friend: "Me, myself and I".

But, still, there is imagination and love is imagination and love is hope.

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