Perfect Illusion by claudiaoverhere
Perfect Illusionby ♛ Queen Claudia ♛
Daniel Kerrington is a multimillionaire's son. He's got the whole package: blonde hair, piercing blue eyes.. killer lips. He's absolutely swoon-worthy. ...
  • justwriteit
  • family
  • friendship
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For The Sake of Her Child by Juette_Curtina
For The Sake of Her Childby JUJU
Book 2 in the 'bound series' *Can be read as a stand alone* Faith Lancaster is ready to settle down and start a family, after seeing how happy her best friend is. She ha...
  • pregnancy
  • romance
  • surrogacy
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࿇Paper Doll࿇ by chocolettie
࿇Paper Doll࿇by Colette Victorique
[ F E A T U R E D ] & [ R E P U B L I S H E D ] A doll who writes in the corner in silence. Paper Anthology Book #1 Highest Rank #3 in Poetry Copyright ©2017 by @choco...
  • imagery
  • dreams
  • featured
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Love's Deceit by ASAP_VLONE
Love's Deceitby R O C K Y
•Sequel To Love Affair• Rakim's New Found Love has also found him in a world of illusion, confusion, and turmoil. Is the relationship strong enough to withstand the blow...
  • love
  • illusion
  • matureaudience
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Sweet Dreams (VMin) by RapMonnieDance
Sweet Dreams (VMin)by N!c♡le
"W-Who are you?" "Me? Well I'm Your dream man."
  • bts
  • illusion
  • love
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Let's Cross Over by Hitmyheadsomewhere
Let's Cross Overby Arya
I loved darkness. I had always lived in shadows. I had demons which could not be unveiled. But as they say, you cannot always run away from your fears. It was time I emb...
  • mystry
  • romance
  • past
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Mystery Of Me by Benedijk
Mystery Of Meby ひふんこうがい
"You're The Phantom I Thought Was Real, Are you real or are you just an illusion?".
  • mature
  • drama
  • wounds
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Love Lies by cursinglove
Love Liesby 🌻c e l i n e🌻
Guns and blood, That's all Emilia ever knew by being both an Assasin and an FBI agent, but when thrown in for a new mission involving a gang full of washed up gorgeous g...
  • seduce
  • lovetriangle
  • secrets
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Dying Flame by Lucky_Gen
Dying Flameby Gen
What do you call someone that has more problems than you can imagine? That everything you knew was based on pure illusions and a web of lies? That the people at your sc...
  • hate
  • love
  • highschool
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Dreams [mc au] by bodysaybea
Dreams [mc au]by chrissy
You held me in your arms that night. We would curl up in your king sized bed, and you would hum to me. I didn't ask you to be there, but you showed up on your own; I had...
  • seconds
  • dreaming
  • michael
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Nefarious by TheSlayWriter
Nefariousby F. Hasan
One dreams because they harbour the ability to imagine. Another drinks to quench their thirst. In the end, sinful thirsts arise from hidden desires. Riya Singhania, a c...
  • memories
  • clown
  • tlaparticipant2018
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Scars ||Ninjago fanfiction||Lloyd x Oc by Naturewarrior300
Scars ||Ninjago fanfiction|| Naturewarrior300
"I may be lies but you are worse You are the lier"~Samaira Samaira Neysa Zaina the master of Illusion or as people call her The master of lies and Deception. ...
  • romance
  • fanfiction
  • jaywalker
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When everything isn't what it seems, there's no going back. It's over when everything's over. Birdie Stainton doesn't know why she's stuck in a concrete cell, she just k...
  • hallucinations
  • running
  • survival
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A Fix In Reality by icy_vix
A Fix In Realityby icy_vix
Having magic is normal. Not having magic meant your an outcast. Yet somehow 15 year old leda got into a prestigious school with no magic. She's shy and has no freinds ex...
  • wesley
  • magic
  • witch
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Prey by DevanshDIntutionist
Preyby Devansh Singh Gour
. Read it to Know it .
  • crime
  • gemawards
  • thriller
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selection  by jongesh
selection by jongesh
seven characters linked together during World War II same years that colonization period in Africa.
  • experiment
  • illusion
  • unity
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WITCHY WITCH Tiffany is a witch who has a raven that talks and a perfectly ordinary life helping the Needy Needless until she gets jinxed. The effect of the jinx is tha...
  • teen
  • justwrite
  • lit
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Orage de rêves by JuliePlume
Orage de rêvesby JuliePlume
Rentrez dans la tornade de poèmes. Envolez-vous avec les mots. Précipite-toi dans le tourbillon littéraire Laisse-toi être transpercé par un éclair d'émotions. Tout ça...
  • citation
  • prose
  • poete
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Pancakes (A Renora Fanfiction) by BookN3rd88
Pancakes (A Renora Fanfiction)by Ariana Black
(Happens after Volume 4 guys so SPOILERS) Ren and Nora are happy for Ruby, of course, when Team RWBY reunites, but will the remaining members of JNPR go out on their own...
  • salemrwby
  • illusion
  • silvereyes
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Running Together. |✔️| by LaughingSmile
Running Together. |✔️|by Gone
The Guild finally shows its true colors. Lucy's blind love, ends in the most twisted way. Trust Brakes Hearts Shatter The unspoken is spoken The lies that tied her down...
  • luzer
  • woods
  • help
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