147. Girl in blue

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An ephemeral moment can become an eternity. From a past encounter, everything may disappear in the dungeon of forgetfulness. Only a few furtive flashes or innocent twinkles do survive.

Some unexpected details may remain marked in our memory throughout our whole life. A significant look, a salient color or a surprising gesture may abide indelibly engraved in our mind.

"A girl in blue" has been memorized by the beholder, who was struck by the blue color that reminded him of Yves Klein and his IKB (International Klein Blue). The blue color drew all his attention and obliterated the context of the encounter and all other aspects of the setting.

The beholder still remembers the words he said at the time: "Today is a new day. I have met someone special on my way. She was dressed in blue. Her eyes were blue. The sky was blue."


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