163. Fear of the'black hole'

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In our collective memory stars must be shining and radiant.

While black holes are stars in their final stage, destined to die, they absorb all elements from their vicinity, leaving no way to get out anymore, sucking up everything in the 'inner horizon', a point of no return.

Like those stars with their intense attraction, allowing no matter or radiation to escape, so do emerge bright stars on the political or financial level creating fear and panic among the people of the globe.

Stars like Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, who constructed fabulous places where the money disappeared without leaving any trace, have drawn everything into the black hole of their financial manipulation with the whole lot, circling in their vicinal zone.

Some are held responsible for the fatal attraction and have been condemned for being guilty of breach of trust and ruthless misconduct. Because of their despicable demeanor, they have been put into the black hole of a prison.

Others are "Too Big to Fail and too Big to Jail."


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