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I really hope you liked the book , enjoy the Epilogue x


Louis squeezed Harry's hand extremely tightly as they stood outside the orphanage , Harry turned to face him and caressed his cheek , "If you're not ready we can always come another time , Boo ."

"No , no I'm - I'm just , still not taking it in . That - that we're adopting ."

Harry smiled and kissed his cheek , "We'll be okay , we've been preparing for the past five months . We'll be perfectly okay , lovely ."

"I know ." Louis nodded , taking a deep breath , "Let's go ."

Harry pecked his lips quickly before leading him into the place , smiling at the receptionist in the entrace . 

"Hey , we have a meeting with Mrs. Adams for adoption , Harry and Louis Styles ." Harry said , his arm wrapped around Louis' waist tightly as he felt him trembling a little . 

The receptionist nodded and checked her computer before returning her attention to the couple . "Go to the meeting room down the hall , Mrs. Adams will be there shortly ."

"Thank you ." Harry nodded and pulled Louis along , walking into the small meeting room and sitting down on one of the chairs , bringing Louis to sit on his lap .

"Boo , are you sure you're alright ?" Harry rubbed his back , Louis nodded , "Yeah , I'm okay . Extremely nervous but okay ."

Harry kissed his cheek tenderly , "We'll do amazing , our kids are going to be so happy , and make us happy too ." He cooed , nuzzling his cheek . Louis nodded , "I know , I'm just afraid I won't - I won't be a good enough parent for them ."

"No , don't say that ." Harry frowned and cupped his jaw , "You'll do perfect , just like always . Trust me . Do you trust me ?"

"Of course . I trust you with everything ."

"Then believe me when I tell you , you'll do amazing and our kids will adore their papa ."

Louis giggled a little , "So I'm papa now ?"

"Mm , yeah ." Harry grinned softly . "I've been thinking about what they'd call us , and I think daddy and papa suit us ."

Louis smiled and leaned into him , kissing his cheek . "Thanks , Hazzie . Love you ."

"Love you more , Boo ." Harry smiled and kissed his lips before placing him on a chair right next to him , as they heard footsteps going down the hall .

Soon enough the door opened and Mrs. Adams , the manager of the place , walked in along with Nancy , a social worker that's been helping then throughout the adoption . The couple smiled and got up to greet them before the four sat down around the round table .

"You two are excited ?" Mrs. Adams asked the couple with a smile , the couple nodded grinning . "Yeah , as excited as we can ever be ." Harry grabbed Louis' hand in his own , intertwining their fingers .

"Alright , so the kids are ready for you guys to meet them , but first you'll have some more papers to sign ." Nancy said and pulled out a few papers and a pen , handing it over and showing them where to sign .

Louis signed with shaky hands , feeling Harry kissing his head soothingly . He handed Nancy the pen back when they were done , Nancy and Mrs. Adams smiled at the two , as they could see just how much they love each other and how much this adoption means for them .

"Alright , ready to go see them ?" Mrs. Adams asked , the two nodded and followed her out of the room with Nancy following .

They walked to the front of the place , seeing the kids they're going to adopt ; two twin boys , hooked by the hip to each other . The two are just too cute to handle , and after thinking it over they decided to adopt them both .

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