Ch. 50

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"Bye Louis , see you next time ." Jannet smiled at Louis , Louis said goodbye and left her office , smiling at George .

"Hey Lou , you good ?" George asked as he finished cleaning the counter ; it was raining outside and there weren't a lot of customers at the Cafe .

"Yeah I'm good ." Louis nodded and started making himself a hot chocolate . "You good too ?"

"Yeah . How's it going with Harry ?"

"Going amazing , what about you and your boyfriend ?"

"We're great . We planned a weekend away at a resort ."

"Aw , wish Harry and I could have a small vacation too ." Louis pouted a little and took his paper cup , blowing on the hot chocolate . "Though we just came back from our honeymoon like , a month ago ."

"Then shush , you have no right to talk ." George scolded playfully , making Louis giggle .

"Well I'd like to stay and talk some more , but I'm exhausted and I should get home ." Louis smiled apologetically , George nodded , "Yeah , okay . See you next time ."

Louis waved goodbye and stepped out of the Cafe , bringing his coat hat over his head . He wasn't even halfway towards his car when three men with cameras jumped in his face , making him flinch back in surprise .

"How is it being married to a boxer ?"

"Are you and Harry dating for publics ?"

"Is Harry abusive ?"

"Are you dating him only because he's famous ?"

Louis ignored them and looked down , taking larger steps towards his car .

"Hey kid , we're talking to you !" One of the men grabbed Louis' elbow and tugged him backwards , making Louis stumble and his drink spilled on the pavement .

"Get your fucking hands off him ." They heard a low voice growling , all four turned their heads to see Harry marching angrily towards them .

Louis' eyes widened , he recognized this expression . He wrapped his arms around Harry's torso , "Haz , leave it . Let's go ."

"Stay out of this ." Harry gently pushed him back and walked over to the guy , grabbing him by the collar , "You really think you can touch my husband like that ?"

"Listen mate -"

"No you fucking listen ." Harry's voice was calm but stern , making Louis shiver . "Mess with my husband one way or another - you'll regret it ."

He let the guy go , turning to glare at the other two men before turning to Louis , he took his hand and walked away with him .

They reached Louis' car , Louis pressed Harry against the side of it , "Hazzie , take a deep breath . You need to relax ." He brought his hands to his face , thumbs caressing the crinkles on his forehead .

Harry melted into Louis' soft touch , bringing his hands to his waist . "Couldn't let him get away with it ."

"It's over now , let's go home , okay ? We can nap , I'm pretty exhausted ." Louis said , Harry nodded and leaned down , pressing their lips together .

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