Ch. 12

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"Boo , wake up . You have a morning shift ." Harry shook Louis' shoulder lightly and pecked his cheek , Louis groaned and rolled away from him , "Nooo ..."

"Come on , lovely . I'll make breakfast and call you when it's ready . Don't fall back asleep ." Harry stroked Louis' hair from his forehead and got out of bed to the kitchen , with Peaches and Milky following at his feet .

Louis tried keeping his eyes open but it was difficult , and just a few minutes after he fell asleep he was tickled awake by Harry .

"Hazzie !" He giggled in surprise , "Stop it !"

"Wake up and I'll stop ." Harry chuckled , grinning at his giggles .

Louis tried squirming away from him but his fingers chased him . "Okay okay I'm awake ! I'm awake I promise !"

Harry stopped and kissed his cheek , "Want me to carry you to the table ?"

Louis nodded and held his arms up for Harry to pick him up , Harry cradled him bridal style and took him to the dining table .

"Mm , smells amazing ." Louis licked his lips , then kissed Harry's cheek , "Thank you ."

"Welcome ." Harry kissed his forehead and sat on a chair with Louis on his lap .


"Have a good day , love . I'll come to pick you up , okay ?" Harry kissed his lips , Louis nodded , "Okay . Have fun at the gym , tell Paul I said hi ."

"Sure will ." Harry waved at him before pulling out of the parking space .

"Hey Paul ." Harry smiled at paul and handed him the gloves .

"Hello Harry , how have you been ?" Paul gave him a smile and took the gloves , helping Harry into them .

"I've been okay , Louis says hi by the way ."

"How's the wedding going ?"

"Well , we just started planning , my step-father said one of his friends is a good wedding-planner so we have a meeting with her in a few days ."

"That's good , let's get started ." They bumped their fists together and got to the ring .


Harry was done with the gym , he went back home and showered then went to Anne's house for a bit .

"Hey mum ." He smiled and hugged her , she hugged him back , "Hello dear , come in ."

They sat near the island with coffee and cookies , Harry opened the notes on his phone and took some advice from Anne about the wedding and honeymoon .

"What were you thinking about the honeymoon ?" Anne asked and took a sip of her coffee .

"Well , flying to France was the first thing that came to my mind , but everybody does that , I want something special ."

"Like what ?"

"Eh , I don't know . Maybe a private island , or somewhere near the beach . I know Louis likes the beach , so I want to find something to do with it ."

"A private island is a bit expensive , don't you think ?"

"I know , that's why I doubt this option , even though I'd really like it if we went there eventually . I want somewhere private and intimate , just for the two of us . And I'm going to save up as much as I can -"

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