Ch. 39

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Harry woke up in the morning to Louis tracing his bare back , making him smile . He felt Louis tracing a few tattoos , he sighed out contently and opened his eyes , lifting his head up to look at Louis . "Good morning ."

"Morning ." Louis smiled and leaned down to peck his cheek , "I want to go to the beach ."

Harry nodded against the pillow , "Give me a few minutes and I'll be up ."

Louis cuddled against him , head on his shoulder blade and leg thrown over his body . Harry smiled sleepily against the pillows at the feeling of Louis soft skin against his , he hummed to himself and relaxed into Louis' tracing .


Louis stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom after getting into his swim trunks ; light-blue shorts he bought with Winter a while ago and been dying to try them on .

His eyebrows furrowed as one hand was placed on his stomach , the other on his hips . I never noticed I gained this much weight , he thought to himself . His frown deepened as he gave his hips a light squeeze , his shoulders slumping .

"Boo , are you ready ?" Harry opened the bathroom door , his eyebrows raised as Louis didn't move from his spot .

He walked closer , placing his arm around him in concern as he saw his frown , "What's wrong ?"

"I- ... I haven't noticed I gained weight ." Louis said softly , Harry raised an eyebrow at him , "You ? Gained weight ? Boo look how small you are ."

"But my - my stomach is poking out . And my hips - they're -"

"They're lovely . You know I love your hips . You haven't gained weight Lou , you're just as you were before ."

"Yeah . Okay ." Louis said , though Harry knew he wasn't convinced . He stood behind him and placed his hands on his hips , massaging them softly , "Look how beautiful you are ."

"Harry .. -"

"No , you need to understand that you are beautiful and I love you , no matter what . Even if you gained weight , so ? I wouldn't want you to be too skinny , I'd feel like you'd break if I hugged you a little bit too tight . I love that I can grab onto you ." Harry put his head on his shoulder , grasping his waist .

"Are you sure ?" Louis asked quietly , Harry nodded , "Of course . I'm in love with your body ."

A smile appeared on Louis' lips as Harry quoted Ed Sheeran , making Harry smile too . He kissed his cheek , "These trunks look amazing on you , your lovely bum is perfect ."

Louis squeaked as Harry grasped his bum with both his massive hands , Harry laughed and kissed his shoulder , "Go put your shirt on and we're going ."


The beach was mostly empty , the sun was warm and perfect . Louis loved the feeling of the sand under his feet , he held his and Harry's things as Harry deployed their beach towels on the sand .

Harry pulled sunscreen out of the small bag they brought , "Come here , I'll do your back ."

Louis heistated a little before taking off his Adidas crop-top , turning his back to Harry . Harry rubbed the sunscreen on his shoulders and down his back while Louis did his front and arms , then Louis did Harry's back too .

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