Ch. 20

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"It's a nice day outside ." Louis looked out of the glass doors of their living room , Harry came up behind him and wrapped his arms around his waist , chin on his shoulder , "Yeah , it's warm and sunny ."

"Let's do something , then ." Louis turned to face him , wrapping his arms around his neck .

"I kind of need to wash my car , now that I think about it . Are you up for it ?" Harry asked and rubbed their noses together , Louis nodded excitedly , "Yes !! I'll go get dressed ." He sprinted to the bedroom , Harry laughing softly .

Louis bit his lip as he took out clothes , hoping Harry wouldn't mind him wearing them . He took one of Harry's gym shorts , and an Adidas crop top Winter and him bought the other day . He quickly dressed and took a look in the mirror , liking how the H tattoo on his hip is showing .

He walked out of the bedroom and to the front door , "Hazzie ?"

"In the kitchen ." Harry called , Louis walked into the kitchen to see Harry filling up a bucket with water and soap . "Is - is this okay ?"

"What is o- " Harry turned his head , but was cut off when he saw what Louis was wearing . His breath was caught in his throat , Louis bit his lower lip , "Is this okay ? I - I can change if you want -"

"No , lovely . You - " Harry turned the tap off and fully turned to him , his hands taking a hold of his slightly bare waist , "You look amazing . Never thought you'd dress like this ."

"Winter picked some crop tops for me , she said I have a great body for this type of clothes ." Louis said , light blush creeping on his cheeks , "And I really prayed you wouldn't mind me wearing this ."

"I don't mind at all , love . You're beautiful ." Harry gave him a warm smile , pressing a kiss to his lips . Louis smiled and nodded , "Okay , then uh - get the bucket , I'll go get sponges ."

Harry nodded , watching Louis walking away , staring at his waist , lower back and bum . He couldn't get any luckier .

Louis was back with two large sponges , Harry carried the bucket outside and put it next to the car , "I'll go get my Beats Speaker and my phone , I'll be right back ." He gave Louis' bare waist a soft poke and walked into the house , walking back out to see Louis talking to Tiffany , who was holding Cher in her arms .

"Hello ." Harry walked over to them with a smile , Tiffany smiled back , "Hey , how are you ?"

"I'm great , you ?" Harry asked , poking Cher's cheek softly to make her smile .

"I'm good , Cher wanted to come say hi , she heard you have a puppy and a kitten ." Tiffany said , "Is that right , baby ?"

"Yeah ." Cher nodded with a toddler smile , the two cooed at her .

Louis held his hands out for her , "Do you want to come see them with me and Harry ?" He asked , she nodded and stretched her arms out for him . He took her from Tiffany with a smile and held her on his hip , walking into the house with Harry and Tiffany following .

"There's Peaches ." Louis crouched down and placed Cher on her feet , Peaches ran up to them with her adorable tiny paws .

Cher sat on her knees and let Peaches jump on her lap , she giggled and pet her , giggling more when Peaches licked her fingers .

Harry crouched down next to Cher , "And here's Milky ." He passed the kitten into her arms , Cher cradled her and pet her , making the three adults smile widely at her .

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