Ch. 19

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"Hazzie ?" Louis walked into the living room , Harry was sitting on the couch , ankles crossed on the table and Milky asleep on his chest .

"Yeah ?" Harry turned his head from the TV , Louis walked over to him and sat next to him , "I uh - I need a ride to the mall , I'm meeting up with Winter to do some shopping for her and Liam's vacation , can you drive me there ?"

Harry chuckled and pinched his cheek , "Of course I can . Why are you being shy about this ?"

"Don't know ." Louis shook his head with light blush on his cheeks ; he didn't want to tell Harry what he's going to the mall for , apart from clothes shopping .

"Okay , well when do you have to be there ?" Harry asked , moving Louis' fringe from his forehead .

"In an hour ." Louis said , Harry hummed , "I have to run some errands , I'll pick you up when I'm done yeah ?"

Louis nodded , "Okay ."

"Do you have time to give me a cuddle before you're going ?" Harry asked , Louis bit his lower lip and nodded , tucking himself into his side , minding Milky who was still on his chest .


"I'll call you when I'm done , okay ?" Harry said as he walked Louis into the mall , to make sure he meets Winter without any problems .

Louis nodded , "Okay , I'll let you know if I'm done by then ."

Winter approached the two with a smile , "Hi !"

Louis smiled and hugged her , Winter hugged him back , "Haven't seen you in a week , it's too long ."

Louis giggled and they pulled back from the hug , "I missed you too . I have so much to tell you ."

Winter grinned at him and turned to Harry to hug him aswell . "I promise to protect him , okay ?"

Harry chuckled and nodded , "Good , I want him safe ." He then turned to Louis and pressed their lips together , "I'll call you later , yeah ?"

"Okay ." Louis nodded , smiling up at him . Harry tapped his nose with a smile then turned to leave , Winter grasped Louis' arm , "Did you decide if you're doing this or not ?"

"I - I think I will ." Louis said and bit his lip nervously , Winter grinned , "Yes !! Ahh now I won't be alone there . Come on , we'll start from the clothes and move on ."

They linked their arms together as they walked through the mall , getting clothes here and there . Winter successfully convinced Louis that high-waisted jeans and crop tops make him look really good , they bought three different outfits that Louis liked .

They were done with the clothes and had ice-cream , then decided to move to the last stop before they're officially done at the mall .

They walked into the tattoo parlor , holding onto eachother's arms . The guy behind the desk smiled nicely , "Hello . How can I help you ?"

"Uh , we'd like a tattoo , and a piercing ." Winter said , turning her head to Louis who nodded with a light smile .

"Alright ." The guy nodded and took a paper and a pen , "What would you like ?"

"You start ." Louis nudged Winter a little , she nodded and turned back to the guy , "I want another ear piercing , and two tattoos , one of a paw print , and the other I want an L , curvy ."

The guy nodded and wrote it down , "Name please ?"

"Winter ."

"And for you ?" The guy asked , Louis bit his lower lip , "I want only tattoos , uh - one of a paw print aswell , and the other I want an H , curvy aswell ."

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