Ch. 1

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First chapteeerrrrrr I'm going to cry from happiness . I've waited soooo long to start publishing this book !!

Hope you'll like it , enjoy the chapter xx


"Hazzie , wake uuuup ." Louis shook Harry's shoulder for the millionth time , whining for him to get up . "We can't miss this breakfast , my nan is going to be there and I haven't seen her in forever ."

Harry turned his head to Louis , "Give me five minutes cuddle and I'll get up ."

"No , you always say this and we end up staying in bed for half an hour more . Not today , Haz ." Louis shook his head and crossed his arms , "Please get up ."

"Boo , I had a long day yesteday and I'm exhausted , I want to stay a little more , okay ?" Harry turned his head away from him and closed his eyes .

Louis pouted and got up from the bed , going to get ready . He really wanted Harry to come to this breakfast , because he haven't met his nan yet and she really wanted to meet the boy marrying her grandchild .

He returned from the bathroom after brushing his teeth to see Harry up , placing clothes on the bed .

"I'm sorry I didn't get up , woke up on my cranky side ." Harry gave him an apologetic smile , then reached his hand out for Louis , who took it and let himself get pulled into Harry's chest .

"Sorry I nagged you about getting up . I know you had a long day , and this breakfast with nan is really important to me ." Louis mumbled against his chest .

"I know lovely , It's important to me too ." Harry kissed his temple , "I got you clothes , I'll go brush my teeth ." Harry pointed to the clothes layed out on the bed , kissed Louis' cheek and walked to the bathroom .


Harry parked the car outside Jay's house , the two got out and knocked on the door . Lottie opened the door , "Why are you knocking ? You don't need to knock ." She smiled and hugged the two , closing the door behind them .

"Where's everyone ?" Louis asked as Harry helped him out of his jacket .

"Mum went to get nan , Dan is getting ready , Felicite is getting ready too , Dee and Phoebes are with Doris and Ernie in the living room ." Lottie said and walked back to the kitchen to continue cooking .

Louis took Harry's hand and walked with him to the living room , smiling at his four siblings .

"Hey little ones ." Harry smiled at the two pairs of twins in the living room , Daisy and Phoebe hugged him and Louis , and Daisy showed him how Ernest sticks his tongue out .

Louis walked to the kitchen , "Need help , Lott's ?" Louis asked , Lottie nodded , "Yeah , mind finishing getting the table ready ?"

"Sure ." Louis turned to the table to see what needs to be done , then went to get spoons and forks . He placed them on the left side of the plates that were already on the table , then went to get napkins .

"Hey Louis ." Dan walked down the stairs to the kitchen , Louis turned to face him with a smile , "Hi Dan ."

"Is Harry here ?" Dan asked and patted Louis' shoulder , Louis nodded , "Yeah , he's in the living room with the double twins ."

Dan chuckled and walked to the living room , when Felicite walked into the kitchen , "Hi Lou ." She smiled and hugged him , Louis smiled and hugged her back , kissing the top of her head , "Hi Fizz ."

"It's almost spring break , flowers are going to be everywhere ." She noted , Louis giggled , "I can't wait for us to make some new ones ."

Harry walked into the kitchen , smiling at Felicite , "Hey fizzy ." He gave her a hug , she returned it and went back to her business .

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