Ch. 46

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I want to give a massive shoutout to one of my closest friends here on Wattpad , her name is Alex and I want you guys to go check out her amazing book . I don't do this a lot , but when I do it means a lot , so go read it it's truly amazing .


Enjoy the chapter x


"Thank you Boss . I'll see you next time ." Louis smiled at Jannet , his boss , after another session for his promotion .

"Call me Jannet , please . See you next time ." She smiled back , Louis nodded and walked out of her office .

"Hey Lou ." Erin smiled after she finished with a customer . "You seem tired ."

"Yeah , a little ." Louis nodded and put on his jacket . He went to make himself some coffee , "How was the shift so far ?"

"It was okay . Not too stressful , just enough to keep me busy ." Erin answered . "Is Harry picking you up ?"

"Yeah , he said he needs to take me somewhere ." Louis nodded , he finished making his coffee and blew on the steams , "How are you and Ethan ?"

"We're good , just celebrated our one year anniversary two days ago ." She said with a soft grin , Louis awwed , "So cute . What did you do ?"

"We went on a picnic in the morning , then to my place to make lunch together and nap . In the evening we went out for ice cream and a walk at the park . Simple , but we like it simple ."

"Yeah , simple is always good ." Louis nodded before the Cafe's door opened and Harry walked in .

"Hey ." Harry smiled , Louis walked around the counter and kissed his cheek , "Hi ."

Harry took his coffee from his hands and took a sip , "Ready to go ?"

"Yeah , when you give me my coffee back ." Louis held his hand out , Harry held up a single finger , as if saying 'one second' , before gulping down the rest of the coffee . He handed him back the cup with a smile , "There you go ."

"Meanie ." Louis pouted , and threw the paper cup in the bean , Harry put his arm around his shoulders , "Let's go , you'll forgive me when we get to your surprise ."

"Bye Erin ." Louis waved at her , she waved back , "Bye , see you tomorrow ."

The couple walked out of the place , Harry opened the passenger's door for Louis . Louis pecked his cheek and got inside , letting Harry close the door .

Harry got in the driver's seat and reached his hand to the backseat , handing Louis a scarf . "When I tell you , you're going to cover your eyes , okay ?"

"I should've seen this coming ." Louis playfully snatched the scarf , Harry chuckled , "Can't ruin the surprise , can I ?"

They started driving , when when they turned to their street Harry slowed down , "Put the scarf on ."

Louis tied the scarf around his head , "I really hope you aren't pulling a David Dobrik prank on me ."

Harry laughed and rubbed his knee , "Don't worry , you'll love it ."

Harry parked near their house , he turned the car off , "Stay here , I'm getting you ."

Louis heard Harry exiting the car and the door closing , a few seconds later the passenger's door opened and two hands rested on his waist , "Come here ."

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