Ch. 13

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This chappie is dedicated to the lovely sleepless-devil since she had a birthday last week , so happy birthday love , wishing you the bestest of the bestest (((: x

Enjoy the chapter x


Louis woke up to a cold bed , he whined at the pain in his cheek . He reached his arm out to his phone from the nightstand to check the hour . 10:37 a.m .

"Hazzie ?" He called out , hoping Harry would hear him . But the house was empty , Harry wasn't home .

"Hazzie ?" Louis tried again , this time a bit louder . He sighed and threw the covers off his body , taking his phone with him and calling Harry .

"Hey lovely ."

"Hey , where are you ?" Louis asked sleepily as he dropped himself on the couch .

"I'm at the police station , just finished with signing papers and talking to a police officer about all the Blake shit ." Harry said , and Louis could hear the car's door closing , "He said the guy is hundred percent about to go to jail for a year or so . I personally think he should stay there until he rots . You know what , he shouldn't have been even born ."

"Hazzie , you're rambling ." Louis said , a small giggle escaping his lips .

"Sorry , boo . I'm just a tiny bit angry after the convo I had with the cop ." Harry sighed , smiling at Louis' giggle , "How's your cheek ? Does it hurt ?"

"Kind of , not like it did yesterday though ." Louis said , "When are you getting home ? I'm hungry ."

"I'm five minutes away , go brush your teeth and freshen up and I'll make you brunch when I get there ."

"Okay , see you soon ."

"See you soon , love ."

They hung up , Louis got off the couch and walked to the bathroom connected to their bedroom , Milky followed him and meowed cutely .

He smiled down at her and lifted her up , placing her on the counter as he brushed his teeth . Peaches was still asleep on their bed .

He finished brushing his teeth and walked to the kitchen , making himself some tea . 

The front door opened , Harry walked in , "Lou , I'm home ."

"I'm in the kitchen ." Louis said , adding milk to his tea . Harry walked to the kitchen and wrapped his arms around the small boy from behind , "Good morning ."

"Morning ." Louis smiled and held his mug in his hands , sipping carefully . Harry kissed his forehead , "What woud you like for brunch ?"

"Don't know . What do we have ?" Louis asked as he leaned back on the counter .

Harry opened the fridge , "There are two options ; we can have a big , nice brunch and then go have some dinner out , or we can have something small , then get a big lunch and have something small for dinner ."

"I don't mind , it's food , I accept it all ." Louis said , Harry laughed , "Okay then , we'll get a big , nice brunch and then dinner out ."

Harry took out products , Louis finished his tea , "Can I help ?"

"Of course ." Harry smiled , he handed Louis a few vegetables , "Here , cut them to small cubes , not too small though ." Harry handed him a knife and cutting board , "Careful of your fingers , okay ?"

Louis nodded , he washed the vegetables as Harry fried bacon on the pan , along with some eggs .

"Hazzie ?" Louis turned to him , Harry hummed . "Need help ?"

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