Ch. 31

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"I'm so excited ." Louis grinned and jumped in the passenger's seat of Harry's car , Harry smiled , "Me too . Been waiting to see the outcome so bad ."

The two were on their way to try on for the first time their wedding suits they got measured for .

They reached the place , Anne , Robin and Gemma were already there . The couple approached them with a smile , Anne wrapped each arm around the two , "Good morning ."

"Morning , mum ." Harry rubbed her back and smiled , they pulled back just in time for Jay , Dan and the girls to arrive .

Phoebe and Daisy ran up to Louis and hugged him , he smiled and kissed their heads , "Hey , how are you ?"

"Excited !" Daisy smiled up at him , Phoebe nodded , "Yeah , we really want to see what our dresses look like ."

"Let's go in then ." He pinched their cheeks then went to greet Jay . 

"Hey mum ." He smiled and hugged her , kissing her cheek then Doris' cheek , who was in Jay's arms .

"Hey dear , you doing well ?" She asked , Louis nodded , "Yeah , can't wait to see the outcome . Though Hazzie and I agreed we won't see the other's suit until the wedding ."

Jay smiled and nodded , "Sounds good , now let's go in , the twins are getting impatient ." She put her arm around him , Louis took Doris from her arms and smiled at her , "Hey Doo ."

The two (soon to be three) families walked into the place , Sarah , one of the women from last time smiled at them , "Hello , good morning ."

"Good morning ." The group said at the same time .

"Alright , so Martha and I have pretty much all the outfits ready , and now that you'll try them on we'll write down some notes in case we need to do some changes ." Sarah explained and led them through the place to where the changing cells are .

There was a hanger full of bagged suits with names on them . "Who would you like to start with ?" Sarah turned to the group .

"The twins are getting impatient , they should go first ." Louis suggested , everyone agreed and Jay walked with the two to the changing cells , holding their dresses .

Louis sat on one of the cushions with Doris on his lap , Harry kneeled in front of him , "Hey there ." He smiled softly at the baby and pinched her cheek , making her smile . He leaned forward and rubbed their noses together , making her squeal in delight and giggle .

Louis cooed and kissed her cheek , "You're so cute ."

A few minutes later the twins walked out , dressed in the blue&green dresses . 

"It was a little hard finding a good way to have both the blue & green colours , so I hope you wouldn't mind that we picked a colour in between ." Sarah said .

" Sarah said

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