Ch. 41

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"I don't know what to get the girls ." Louis pouted a little as he and Harry walked around the shopping centre .

"Don't try thinking too much , if you see something they'd like or something that reminds you of them , just get it ." Harry moved his arm to wrap around his shoulders , Louis nodded and kept looking around .

"Ooh ! Hazzie , look ." Louis nodded his head towards an electronics store , "I heard Lott's and Fizzy talking about JBL speakers , I want to see if they have these there ."

"Let's go ." Harry led them into the store , they looked around before a worker approached them . "Hello , can I help you ?"

Harry looked down at Louis and nudged him forward , Louis cleared his throat a little , "Uhm , I'm looking for JBL speakers for my sisters ."

"Sure , follow me ." The guy nodded , Louis followed him with Harry right behind him , keeping his straight face on .

The guy gestured to a shelf , "There it is . There are small ones and big ones , which one would you like ?"

"The small ones . The big ones are expensive ." Louis said , the guy nodded , "Okay . Pick a colour and I'll go fetch it ."

"Mm , Lottie likes pink , and Fizzy likes gray ." Louis said , the guy nodded , "Alright , you can go wait by the front desk , I'll get it in a minute ."

"Okay , thank you ." Louis nodded and gave the guy a smile .

"No problem , babes ." The guy smiled back and walked away .

Louis' eyes widened , and the first thing he did was turn to face Harry . Harry's eyes widened aswell , mumbling 'son of a bitch' before he started walking after him .

"No no no no , Hazzie no ." Louis ran after him and wrapped his arms around his torso , "Leave it , let's go to the front desk ." 

Harry let Louis pull him to the front desk , his hands now gripped his waist . "I'll fuck him up if he says or does something else ."

"Hazzie , can you look at me ?" Louis said softly , his hands resting on Harry's cheeks . Harry lowered his head to look at him , Louis kissed him softly . "I need my hubby to calm down for me ." He pouted cutely , his thumbs caressing his cheeks .

Harry sighed , "I can't calm down now , lovely . Maybe after I punch him -"

"No ! You wouldn't hurt anyone , stop it . He only called me babes -

"He fucking called you babes and I have a right to -"

"No you don't , Hazzie please ."

Harry breathed through his nose and pulled Louis into his chest , "Another move and I'm ripping his eyeballs out ."

Louis whined into his chest , Harry smiled down at him . He saw the guy coming back , so he playfully smacked Louis' bum , "Don't whine , baby ."

Louis squeaked , "Hazzie !"

"Sorry , couldn't resist ." Harry chuckled and leaned down to kiss him . Louis hummed and stood on his tippy toes so he could wrap his arms around Harry's neck , when he heard footsteps approaching them .

He pulled back just as the guy placed both cases on the desk , Louis took one strap off his shoulder and opened his small backpack , "How much for these two ?"

The guy told him the cost dryly , and Harry smiled in victory . Louis sneakily elbowed him in the abs as he was pulling out the money , Harry tsked and gave his bum a pinch .

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