Ch. 28

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Louis woke up to an empty bed and the smell of food , a small , warm body snuggled into his side . He shuffled a little and rubbed his eyes , looking down to see Milky curled up against him .

He smiled and picked her up , kissing her head , "Morning , meemee ." He placed her back down and got out of bed , walking to the kitchen , where he saw Harry and Winter .

"Morning ." He smiled at the two , pecking Harry's cheek as he was cooking , then going to give Winter a hug , "Hey , how are you feeling ?"

"I'm - I'm okay . I feel a little numb inside , to be honest ." Winter gave him a light smile , Louis nodded , "I understand . Did you try talking to him ? Did he call ?"

"He did . I didn't answer ." She shook her head , "I love him , but I can't face him yet . I need a little time ."

Louis pouted a little but nodded , they went to sit at the table as Harry brought the food .

"I have a session in an hour ." Harry said , "If anything happens call me and I'll come over , okay ? The last thing I want is for Liam to get out of control again ."

Louis nodded , "Okay , but can you talk to him ? See how he is ?"

"I will ." Harry nodded , Louis thanked him and squeezed his hand a little .


When Harry was back from the gym he saw Louis and Winter quietly cuddled on the couch , watching a movie .

"Hey there ." He smiled , Louis smiled at him , "Hi Hazzie , go shower , I can smell the stink all the way here ."

Harry laughed and went to shower , when he finished and walked out , there was a loud knock on the door .

All three's heads turned to the door , and they knew who it is .

Harry sighed and turned to Louis , "I'm going to get out , he'll try getting in . I need you to lock the door behind me , okay ?"

Louis bit his lip and nodded , Winter followed them to the door and stood behind it so Liam couldn't see her .

Harry counted to three and opened the door , slipping out and closing it behind him .

"Where is she ? Let me in ." Liam said frustrated , Harry shook his head , "Can't let you ."

"She's my fucking Fiance ! You can't tell me I can't see her !" Liam tried going past him , but then heard the lock clicking , signaling the door is locked .

"She doesn't want to see you right now Li , she's hurt ." Harry shook his head and crossed his arms .

Liam tried going past him but Harry held him back , "Liam -"

"Shut the fuck up Harry ! I need to see her ! I won't leave until I see her ."

"I can assure you she's okay -"

"Your words don't help , I need to see her myself . Let me in or bring her out ."

Harry was about to protest again but the door clicked open , and Winter stepped out with tears in her eyes .

Harry let go of Liam but made sure to stand between the two , he turned his head to Winter , "Are you sure ?"

She nodded , Harry stepped out of between the two and went to stand next to Louis , watching over the two incase Liam does something stupid again .

Liam walked closer , "Babe I - I'm so sorry ."

"I swear , I want to punch you so bad right now ." Winter sniffled , wiping under her eyes to catch her tears before they fell .

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