Ch. 2

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"I'll come to pick you up , alright ?" Harry parked outside the diner Louis worked at ; it was a small place but had a lot of customers and paid Louis well , and he liked the job .

"Okay , I finish at ten , are you sure you'll stay up until then ?" Louis asked , Harry raised his eyebrow at him , "Do you even know me ?"

Louis giggled , "Just asking ."

Harry smiled at him and leaned to kiss his lips , "Have a good time ."

"You too ." Louis kissed him again before getting out of the car , running into the diner since it was raining .

He smiled at his work friends that he got to meet when he first started , they all smiled at him and waved , some gave him a hug if they could and weren't serving .

Louis walked behind the desk and into the employees' room , placing his stuff there and going to stand near the sweets and coffee , his section for today .

"Hey Lou , how are you ?" Erin asked when she finished with a customer , standing on the other side of the desk with her tray .

"I'm good , you ?" Louis asked , taking a mop to clean the counter .

"I'm really excited , actually ." She said with a grin .

Louis raised his eyebrow , "What for ?"

"Tomorrow is mine and Ethan's six month anniversary , and he told me he planned a few things for us ." She clapped her hands with excitment , Louis grinned at her , "Aw , you two ! Did he tell you what he planned ?"

"No , he's keeping it as a surprise for a few days now ." She pouted . She was two years younger than Louis , they were good friends .

"My fiance does that too , always planning something without telling me what ." Louis said with a smile , "I got him back a few times , and it drove him crazy because he is usually the one to take care of things ."

Erin giggled , "I really want to meet him sometime ."

"Only if I meet Ethan first ." Louis put the mop away and leaned on his arms on the counter .

"You will , I promise !"

"You promise me this for two months already !"

"I proper promise this time ."

"You'd better ." Louis glared at her playfully , causing the both of them to giggle .

One of the waiters , George , gave him a note with an order , Louis took the note and started making the coffee .


Two hours later , Erin walked towards the counter with a boy ,"Lou , I want you to meet Ethan , my boyfriend ." The boy smiled at Louis and shook his hand , "Hey , I'm Ethan ."

"Hi , I'm Louis ." Louis smiled back at him , "And please don't ever break her heart or I'm breaking your face ." He gave him a look , and Erin giggled , "Lou , you're not intimidating ."

"I am !" Louis pouted at her .

"I have to agree with her ." Someone joined the conversation , Louis looked to the side to see Harry standing there with a smile and his boxing&gym bag on his shoulder .

"Harry ! What are you doing here ?" Louis asked with a smile , Harry walked closer to the counter and reached for his hand , "I was just done with my boxing session and the gym , thought I'd come by to say hi and get myself some coffee ."

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