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iT's YoU (z.h) by horny-for-horan
iT's YoU (z.h)by ziall almighty
Ever since Zayn Malik left One Direction, he and the boys haven't been keeping contact. That is until Niall Horan shows up at one of his concerts.
Niall the youngest (one-shots, series) by AsLongAsNiallsBottom
Niall the youngest (one-shots, ser...by bottom Niall cult
NIALL CENTRIC and especially ZIALL. Niall is the youngest out of the 5, emotional, wimpish, and extremely adorable. Louis is the teaser, Liam is the daddy one, Zayn is s...
Niall Defence Squad |Narry/Ziall/Nouis/Niam|  by xxNikita1dxoxo
Niall Defence Squad |Narry/Ziall/N...by ~ Nikita ~
In a world filled with perverts, Niall loves to wear skirts.
Urban Ink [A Ziall Fic] by Anonymous43
Urban Ink [A Ziall Fic]by Steve or Anon or whatever
Niall hates his neighbor, Zayn Malik. He's covered in tattoos, smokes more than anyone Niall knows, and spends all of his time at the local tattoo parlor called Urban In...
World's  Worst Boyfriend |z.h.| by xxNikita1dxoxo
World's Worst Boyfriend |z.h.|by ~ Nikita ~
"In order to gain something, you have to lose something." or the one where Niall somehow gets blackmailed into playing boyfriend for the school's bad boy, Zay...
Stuck Here (Ziall) by GhostieNialler
Stuck Here (Ziall)by Ghostie
Niall Horan is nothing but normal. He goes to school. He studies. He goes home, again and again. Everyday is a routine. He wishes for something new and exciting to happ...
The Fighter (Ziall Horlik)AU M-preg by BriannaLynnC98
The Fighter (Ziall Horlik)AU M-pregby Brianna Lynn C.
When there's a problem in your way, use your fists. That's all Zayn Malik has known his whole life. He was from the poorest and roughest end of Bradford, being brought u...
Texting Mister Popular  by LarryS280913
Texting Mister Popular by Larry stylinson
Louis Tomlinson, the nerd of Doncaster high gets a text from an unknown number. What happens when he finds out it is he's long time crush Harry Styles?
Rejected By The Prince | Ziall Mpreg  by LuvTVDand1D4Eva
Rejected By The Prince | Ziall Mpr...by LuvTVDand1D4Eva
"I don't want you, you're a lousy servant. Hell, I want you to die. Why would I want you? You're fat, ugly and a disgrace to the werewolf kind. YOU'RE A DOG!" ...
Niall Centric Stories [ COMPLETED ] by jollypixy
Niall Centric Stories [ COMPLETED ]by vian
A collection of Niall centric stories made by me❤ Promots are open!💕 Narry, Niam, Ziall, Nouis, Zianourry (Niall centric) you can all find it here🏳️‍🌈 My DM is always...
Sinful Love (Ziall Horlik) AU by BriannaLynnC98
Sinful Love (Ziall Horlik) AUby Brianna Lynn C.
Thou shalt not... That is all Niall Horan has been raised to listen to as he was born into a very religious family. His father was the pastor of the church he's gone to...
Bully Me [Larry/Ziall | AU] by xsleepingforestx
Bully Me [Larry/Ziall | AU]by sleeping forest
FAN FICTION │ ROMANCE | COMPLETE * Your name: He calls me Shorty Your Favorite Hobby: Running away from him and finding a safe place to hide. Your best feature: He call...
Niall-Centric One-Shots by etherealniall
Niall-Centric One-Shotsby ellie
Just a bunch of one-shots, story ideas, and drabbles. Also open requests too! If you'd like to see one published or more in depth, just let me know and/or comment/vote...
Tattoos , Flowercrowns And Wedding Vows - Larry Stylinson AU (boyxboy) COMPLETED by Whatsuphello1
Tattoos , Flowercrowns And Wedding...by Whatsuphello1
*Sequel to Punk vs Flowerchild* After more than a year together , Harry and Louis are finally engaged and about to get married . The two love each other more than anythi...
Never Have I Ever [Larry Stylinson] by AndreBsGirl
Never Have I Ever [Larry Stylinson]by brie
Things couldn't have been better in Harry Styles' life. He has the bestest friends anyone could ever ask for, the fame, the fans, the money, and most of all, the boy, Lo...
strong ↣ larry mpreg au COMPLETED by amourheather
strong ↣ larry mpreg au COMPLETEDby h
'You make me strong' A fanfiction in which Louis is an innocent and naive struggling eighteen year old who got pregnant with his ex's baby and Harry is the twenty-seven...
Our Human (Zianourry) by harrys-rings
Our Human (Zianourry)by Court
[Highest ranking: #110 in Fanfiction] Humans know all about werewolves and vampires. Humans are considered the lowest species, the weakest. Some humans, however, are m...
My big alphas by bananas4apound
My big alphasby Stina Eriksson
Louis centric. Louis is an omega who is starting a new college and it's not just any college but it's a college for only werewolves. Louis hopes to find his mate there b...
High》ziall by -mullingaar
High》ziallby -mullingaar
Zayn's always getting high . Niall's always getting hurt . first book in the trilogy © all rights reserved @-mullingaar - WARNING: wrote this when i was really young...
TomGirl - Larry Stylinson by playboymembersonly
TomGirl - Larry Stylinsonby dilf
>>ORIGINALLY TOMMO THE TRANNY<< "I hate him. I fucking hate him." (beware that this was written in 2015, read at your own risk.)