Ch. 25

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Harry has been very secretive lately , and Louis became suspicious - even though he knows he shouldn't be .

It started with Harry being on the phone alot , sometimes leaving the room to talk to someone , then coming back in as if nothing happened . Then Harry won't let Louis have his phone , not telling him why . He sometimes went out without telling him where .


Louis was cuddled up in Harry's chest , he was comfy and warm , but then Harry's phone went off , He immediately groaned , making Harry chuckle softly , "I need to take this , lovely ."

"No ." Louis whined , Harry gently lied him on the bed and got up , leaving the room with his phone . Louis bit his lower lip , having enough of this . He tip toed over to Harry , who was in one of the guest bedrooms .

"Now ? Okay , I'll be there . I promise he knows nothing . I'd be dead of he knew . Okay , love you ."

Louis' heart dropped and he quickly ran back to their bedroom , sitting on the bed before Harry walked back in , "I really need to go , lovely , this is important ."

"Who was it ?" Louis asked , crossing his arms over his chest .

"Uhm - no one important , I promise ." Harry said and walked into the closet . Louis followed him , "Then why did you say 'I love you' ?"

Harry bit his lower lip . He couldn't tell him where he's really going . "Gemma called me up , she needs my help for something she wouldn't tell me . I'll be back as soon as I can ." Harry put on a jeans and a shirt and took his shoes in his hands , "Please don't worry ."

Louis stayed motionless , Then why did he say 'he knows nothing' and 'I'd be dead if he knew' ?

Harry sighed and pressed a soft kiss to his lips , pulling back when Louis didn't kiss back . "What's wrong ?"

"Why are you lying ?" Louis said in a shaky voice , Harry shook his head , "I'm not lying ."

Louis didn't say anything , Harry sighed once again and sat on the bed to put his shoes on . He grabbed his phone , "I'll be back soon , and when I'm back , we'll talk ." He walked out of the room , leaving Louis with his thoughts .


Four hours later , Harry still wasn't back . Louis was pacing in their apartment , he grabbed his phone and called Gemma .

"Hey Lou , what's up ?"

"Uhm , is H-Harry with you ?"

"No , I'm at uni . Why ?"

Louis blinked his tears away , trying to swallow the lump in his throat .

"Louis , talk to me . What is it ?"

He let out a shaky breath , "H-He's been  secretive lately . Then four hours ago he answered his phone , and I overheard him s-saying 'he knows nothing , I'd die if he knew' . Then he said 'I love you' , and when I asked wh-who is it he said he's meeting up with y-you ."

"Oh Lou . I'm sure it's nothing . I'll call him and call you back with an answer ."

"Alright , th-thank you ."

"You know he loves you , you're his only one ."

"I h-hope so ."

They hung up , Louis wiped a stray tear and put his phone down .


Harry walked into the house an hour later , Louis jumped from the couch and walked to the front door , a bag full of clothes in his hands .

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