Ch. 38

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After a long 9 hours flight (including the connection in flight in the US) , Harry and Louis landed in Hawaii . It was one a.m there , and both boys were slightly sleepy . They slept through most of their flights , so they could hold up for a little longer .

They got to their hotel , Harry paid the driver and thanked him when he helped them take their suitcases out of the trunk . 

"Come on lovely , let's get our room ." Harry kissed his temple , Louis nodded and they walked into the lobby . 

The receptionist smiled at them , "Hello , welcome to Ilikai Hotel ."

"Hello , we reserved a room under Harry Styles ." Harry smiled back , placing his arm around Louis , who leaned on the counter next to him .

The receptionist nodded and clicked the computer mouse a few times before smiling , "Harry and Louis Styles , paid in advance , the wedding suite . Am I right ?"

"Yes , that's us ." Harry nodded with a smile .

"Perfect , I'll go fetch your room keys ." She turned and walked to the back room to get their keys . 

"I still can't wrap my head around the fact that we're married ." Louis grinned and pressed his front to Harry's chest , face buried in his torso . Harry grinned and kissed the top of his head , "Me neither . Cannot believe we're on our honeymoon ."

The receptionist returned , "Here's the keys ." She handed them two cards in a small case along with a brochure , "In the brochure you can find activities to do around , and there are some places you can go if you'd like ."

"Alright , thank you ." Harry took it with a smile .

"Enjoy your stay ." The receptionist gave them one last smile before they turned around and left .

Harry led Louis through the halls until they reached their room . Harry opened the door and turned to Louis , "Wait here ." He took the bags and suitcases , getting them into the room .

Louis furrowed his eyebrows but waited , when Harry walked back out for him he kissed his lips before scooping him up bridal style , making him giggle .

"Let's enjoy this night , eh ?" Harry asked with a smile , Louis nodded and kissed his cheek . He grabbed the small doorhandle note and hung it on the outside , letting Harry carry him inside and kick the door closed with his foot .

"Woah . The room looks amazing ." Louis looked around , Harry pecked his cheek , "An amazing room for an amazing husband ."

Louis grinned at him and pressed their lips together , kicking his shoes off as Harry walked towards the bed .



It was noon when Louis woke up , he was naked and bundled up in the white sheets . The window was open and a nice , cool breeze was blowing into the room , the salty smell of the sea reaching his nose .

He smiled sleepily when he realized Harry is pressing kisses along his spine , groaning softly , "Hazzie , I'm all sweaty from last night , don't kiss me ."

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