Ch. 14

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"Hazzie , can you help me reach this snack ?" Louis asked , pointing to the snack on the top of the shelf . They were at the grocery store , shopping for the sleepover they're going to have tonight at their place with their friends .

"Sure , come here ." Harry wrapped his arms around Louis' thighs , picking him up . Louis took two snack bags and threw them into the cart , "Thanks ." He smiled down at Harry , Harry smiled at him and put him back down , "What else do we need ?"

"I don't know . Do you think we should get energy drinks ?" Louis asked , Harry hummed , "Hm , didn't think about it ." He wrapped one arm around Louis , the other pushing the cart through the aisles until they reached the aisle .

Louis was texing in their group chat on the phone to the friends , telling them when to be at their place , while Harry filled the cart with drink cans .

While Louis was busy on his phone , he felt a hand landing a smack on his bum . He immediately knew it wasn't Harry , because when Harry smacked him it was light and playful , but the smack he just recieved was hard and painful .

He turned around quickly to see a guy smirking at him , "You have a very sexy ass down there -" He was cut off by Harry throwing his fist out , knocking him out with a single punch .

Louis stepped back and watched as the guy fell limp on the ground , Harry wrapped his arm around Louis' waist and pulled him away , "Are you okay ? Did he hurt you ?"

Louis wanted to say no , but truth is he could still feel the stinging of the smack . 

"U-uh , kinda ?" Louis said quietly , watching Harry's eyes turn a dark shade , "I can hurt him back -"

"No Haz -"

"I can break his rib -"

"No , no -"

"I can smash his head open -"

"Harry !" Louis covered his mouth with his hand , "All I need is for you to calm down , okay ?"

"I can't calm the fuck down , he hurt you !"

"He's knocked out now , okay ?" Louis held Harry's face , pressing a soft kiss to his lips . He hoped that soft and soothing actions would help Harry calm down .

Harry stared into Louis' eyes , their sapphire blue colour and the gentle touches helped him calm down .

"I'm calm now ." Harry let his tense shoulders slump , Louis wrapped his arms around Harry's middle and nuzzled his chest , "Are you fully calm ?"

"No ."

Louis whined quietly into his shirt , making Harry smile slightly . He wrapped his arms around Louis and held him against his chest , "We have all we need for tonight , let's go pay , alright ?"

Louis nodded , "Okay ."

Harry pulled back a little and tilted Louis' head up , pressing a kiss to his lips . Louis smiled and stood on his tip-toes , his hands reaching up for Harry's cheeks .


Louis was in the middle of placing all the snacks and drinks on the living room table when there was a knock on the door .

"I'll get it !" He called and ran to the door , unlocking it . Zayn and Niall stood there , Louis squealed and jumped on the two , suffocating them in a hug , "Congratulations !!"

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