Ch. 3

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Louis woke up in the morning to a cold bed , he whined to himself and shifted a little before fluttering his eyes open . He rubbed them tiredly with his fist and yawned , pushing himself out of bed with the blanket , covering himself as he walked out of the room .

He saw Harry making breakfast in the kitchen and smiled to himself .

"Morning ." Louis wrapped his arms around Harry and kissed his bare shoulder , Harry smiled and brought him to his side , wrapping his arm around him , kissing the top of his head , "Morning love , how did you sleep ?"

"Good . You ?" Louis asked , leaning his head on Harry's chest .

"I slept good , it was nice having you clinging onto me in the middle of the night ." Harry teased , Louis blushed and buried his face in Harry's chest , "I woke up and it was completely dark and I got scared ."

"Aw Boo ." Harry hugged him closer and kept scrambling the egg on the pan , "You could've told me to leave the bed lamp on ."

"But I know you fall asleep quicker with the lights off ." Louis mumbled into his chest .

Harry lifted his head up and pecked his nose , "If you're scared of the dark I'll leave the bed lamp on for you , alright ?"

"But -"

"No buts , you're my baby and I'm going to take care of you ."

Louis blushed and nodded , Harry smiled and attacked his face with kisses , causing Louis to giggle and try escaping the assault .

"Hazzie ," He giggled , "Hazzie stop ."

Harry grinned and let go of him , "Go sit at the table , breakfast will be ready in a bit ." He pecked his lips and pushed him playfully .


"Since we're free this morning , we can go out a bit . What do you think ?" Harry asked , Louis nodded , "Sure , what were you thinking about ?"

"Well , we can go to the mall , the park , the movies . What do you want ?" Harry asked .

"The mall , maybe ?" Louis asked , Harry nodded ,"Sure , go get dressed ." He pecked his cheek and playfully smacked his bum as he walked away .


"Candy !" Louis grabbed Harry's hand and pulled him into the candy shop , Harry chuckled and let him drag him .

Louis grabbed a plastic bag and started filling it with gummy candy , Harry watched him with a smile , enjoying the view of Louis being happy , giggly and bubbly .

"Finished ." Louis came back to Harry with a bag full of candy , Harry raised his eyebrow , "Are you going to eat all of this by yourself ?"

"No , you're going to help me ." Louis giggled and went to pay for the candy . Harry got him first and handed the cashier the money , Louis pouted and crossed his arms over his chest , "You always pay ."

Harry smiled and kissed his pouty lips , "You know I love spoiling you ."

Louis took his candy bag and walked out of the store with Harry right behind him , arm around his waist .

Louis took a gummy worm out of the bag and fed it to Harry , who playfully bit on his fingers too , making him squeak and pull his hand away with a giggle .

"Do you need any new shirts , pants , underwear , anything else ?" Harry asked as they walked around , looking at stores and passing on .

"No , do you ?" Louis asked , eating a gummy bear .

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