Ch. 33

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"Hazzie !" Louis grinned as Harry walked into the Cafe at the end of his morning shift , Harry smiled at him , "Hey love , ready to go ?"

Louis nodded , "Yeah , let me just get my stuff ." He said and took off to the employees' room , he untied the apron from around his waist , grabbed his phone and jacket and left to go to Harry .

Harry put his arm around his shoulders as they walked out of the place , "How was your shift ?"

"It was good , it flowed nicely . Wasn't stressful or boring , just right ." Louis said with a smile nd yawned a little , Harry kissed his cheek and opened the car door , "After the meeting with Evelyn we'll have a nap , okay ?"

Louis nodded and climbed into the car , Harry closed his door and went to the driver's seat .

They reached home , Harry parked the car and they got out , greeting Milky and Peaches as they walked into the house .

Harry's phone buzzed , he reached for his pocket to take it out to see a message from Evelyn .

"Evelyn just texted she'll be here in ten minutes ." Harry told Louis , who sat on the couch with Milky on his lap . Louis nodded , "Okay ."

"Have you decided what do you want for lunch ?" Harry asked and picked Peaches up , Louis shook his head , "No , I'm too tired ." He fell on his side on the couch , Harry chuckled softly and sat next to him , "Don't fall asleep just yet , Boo ."

"I know , but I can't help it ." He whined , Harry put Peaches next to Louis' body and leaned down to kiss his cheek , "What do you say about some pasta ?"

Louis smiled , "Sounds yummy . Can you make that really good salad from last time too ?"

"Of course ." Harry smiled back and kissed his cheek again , then pinched his side a little , "Don't fall asleep , okay ?"

Louis giggled and nodded , pushing Harry's hand away . Harry pecked his lips quickly before going to the kitchen to start making lunch until Evelyn will reach the house .

Ten minutes later there was a knock on the door , Louis sat up as Harry opened it , greeting Evelyn . They walked into the house , Louis greeted her aswell and the three sat at the dining table , where they could talk comfortably and Harry could watch over the cooking pasta .

"Alright , so I've worked about the wedding , and I'm going to through the whole night with you , with what I have so far ." She said and pulled out a paper , positioning her glasses on her nose . "First , the Ceremony will be at six thirty p.m , which means on the invitation you'll invite everyone to five thirty . The ceremony is about an hour long , sometimes it takes more , sometimes less ."

The two nodded , holding hands with their fingers intertwined . Louis couldn't help but grin , he could only imagine how much he's going to cry on the Ceremony .

"After the Ceremony we'll move on to the hall , have the first dish . Then your family and friends can say their blessings and good words , and then dance . Also Anne informed me that your friends are preparing a video for you guys , so we'll have time for that too . Then we'll put on the song you chose for your slow dance , and another one you'll choose for other couples to join you ."

"Yeah , we'll tell you what we decide later , since we don't have one now ." Harry said , Evelyn nodded , "Okay . Then we have some more dancing , and another dish , a little photoshoot time , which means you'll take group pictures with your families and friends . Then some more dancing , and then the night is over ."

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