Ch. 11

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I smell like smoke even after shower . Fire department will be the death of me .

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Louis looked at the clock , six p.m - which means Harry needs to be back from the gym in two hours . Their day didn't start well , they had a small argument and haven't really talked ever since . He wanted to at least make the night good - by making dinner .

He walked into the kitchen , looking around the fridge , cupboards and drawers to see if there's something simple he can make . He took out some products with a smile on his face because he knew what he's going to make - and he was excited .

He rolled his sleeves up and washed his hands , since Harry does that every time he prepares to make some food . He got the recipe from the internet , hoping it'll come out good .

He was very careful with every step he took , measured out everything so there won't be any mistakes . It's his first time cooking by himself , after all .

The whole process took him an hour and a half , he was a bit tired but managed to get the food into the preheated oven , sighing in relief when he closed the oven door , putting a timer so he can come check on it a while later .

He looked around the kitchen , whining at the complete mess he made .

"Do I really have to clean it all ?" He asked himself , looking down to Peaches who was walking between his legs . He noticed how dirty he got his clothes , then at the oven timer ; it was twentyty five minutes , so he has time to shower then he can come and clean up before Harry gets home .

He turned from the kitchen to go to the shower , but stopped in his tracks when the front door slammed open , an angry looking Harry walked in and slammed the door close . He saw Louis , "What the fuck happened to your clothes ?"

Louis flinched at his cursive word , and before he could answer Harry made his way to the kitchen for a glass of water - but stopped  when he saw the complete mess Louis made .

"What the hell ?!" He called out , turning to Louis , "What the hell were you thinking ?!"

"I -"

"No don't answer me ! I cannot believe after this long ass day I have to come home to the kitchen a complete mess and you just standing here and doing fucking nothing !"

"I-I was -"

"Don't fucking talk to me , clean this mess or I might get angrier ." Harry towered over Louis , and without a second glance he walked away , slamming their bedroom door shut .

Louis bit his lower lip , tears pricking in his eyes . He started cleaning the kitchen , making sure he doesn't miss a single spot , afraid that Harry might get angry at him . 

The oven went off , he checked on the food and closed the oven door , putting another timer on to when he needs to turn it off . He wasn't hungry anymore , he just wanted to get in bed and sleep .

He finished cleaning and Harry still didn't come out of their room , and Louis was afraid to go check on him . He couldn't even get in shower because he's there , and he needed clean clothes . So he just sat down on the floor with his back against the cabinets , wiping a few tears .

The messy kitchen can't be the reason he's this mad , he thought to himself . Something must have happened at the gym .

He bit on his nails lightly and wiped a tear , when he saw Harry walking into the kitchen . He looked up at him nervously , not sure what's going to happen . His heart was beating fast and loudly in his chest as Harry walked towards him , making him wrap his arms around himself protectively .

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