Ch. 5

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Without too much info , enjoy the chapter xx


"Boo , wake up lovely . It's eight a.m , we need to get up ." Louis felt someone shaking his shoulder , he groaned and shifted away , "No , It's my day off . I don't want to get up now ."

Harry chuckled , "Love , we have that barbecue with our neighbors today , remember ? We need to prepare everything ." He leaned down and pressed light kisses on the back of his spine .

"Lou , can you get the door please ?" Harry asked as he stirred the pasta in the pot , Louis nodded and got up from the couch , "Did you invite someone ?"

Harry shook his head , Louis opened the door and smiled at the woman who held her child on her hip , "Hello ." He gave them both a smile .

"Hi , Louis , right ?" The woman asked , Louis nodded , "Yeah , that's me ."

"I'm Tiffany , your neighbour from right there ," She pointed to the house across the street , "And this little one in Cher , my daughter ." She bounced the little girl in her arms , "Say hi sweetie ."

"Hi ." Cher waved shyly and hid in her mum's neck .

"Hi , dear ." Louis smiled at her and rubbed her back comfortingly .

"Well , we're here to invite you and your boyfriend for a barbecue on Thursday , since you're new and we want to get to know you ." Tiffany smiled at Louis , "We also invited a few of the neighbours around here , so we could all hang out ."

"That sounds amazing ! We'll definitely come ." Louis grinned , Harry showed up at the door , "Who's at the door ?" He asked and put his arm around Louis' waist .

"Tiffany is our neighbour , and this is her daughter Cher . They invited us for barbecue on Thursday , to get to know the neighbours ." Louis said with a smile .

"Hi , I'm Harry ." Harry gave Tiffany a smile , they shook hands and Harry turned his attention to Cher , "Hello , nice meeting you ." He held his hand forward for her to shake , she took two fingers in her small hand and shook his hand , going back to hiding in Tiffany's neck .

"Aw , she's adorable ." Harry cooed , poking her at the side gently , making her giggle . "How old is she ?"

"She's three , turning four in a few months ." Tiffany answered with a smile .

"I have a question , about the barbecue ." Louis spoke up , "What should we bring ? Maybe salad , steaks , chicken ?"

"Oh , uhm . Two salads and mashed potatoes maybe ? We have everything else sorted out with the rest of the neighbours ." Tiffany suggested , the couple nodded with a smile .

"Great ! We'll see you then , Thursday noon ." She smiled , "Say goodbye to the nice boys , Cher ." Tiffany turned her attention to Cher .

"Buh-bye ." She waved with a toddler smile , Harry and Louis waved too , cooing at her .

"Mm . Can I just stay for a little more ?" Louis whined a little , Harry chuckled , "Nope , you're getting up now so you can help me and we need to get ready too ."

Louis whined a little and squirmed under the covers , settling down and closing his eyes . Harry sighed and got up from the bed , he held on the covers and pulled them off Louis' body , throwing it on the other side of the bed . He grabbed Louis' ankles and pulled him out of bed , catching him in his arms before he fell out of bed .

"Hazzieee ." Louis whined but clutched him close , Harry laughed and pecked his cheek , carrying him to the bathroom to brush his teeth .

"Brush your teeth , I'll finish breakfast ." Harry placed him down and walked out of the bathroom .

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