Ch. 40

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"I was thinking we can go on a little hike ." Harry smiled down at a sleepy Louis as he traced up and down his spine , Louis whined and pressed his face deeper into the pillow , "Nooo , too much energy wasting ."

"Come on , it'll be fun . The view will be amazing , we'll get so many beautiful pictures ." Harry laughed softly and leaned down to kiss his shoulder , "Let's go get ready ."

"No , I want to stay in bed some more ." Louis shifted away and turned his head away from Harry , Harry rolled his eyes playfully , "We've been in bed for an hour and a half , let's get some breakfast , buy snacks and candy . Go outside to explore , get some fresh air ."

Louis whined and pulled at his shoulders , staying still . "I'm lazy ."

Harry rolled closer , his chin leaning on his small husband's shoulder blade . "I promise to give you a nice foot rub when we're back here ." He bribed him , knowing he loved foot rubs . His smile grew wider as Louis turned his head to him , "Pinky promise ?"

Harry held his pinky out to wrap around Louis' much smaller one , "Pinky promise ."


After breakfast Louis went to the small store across the hotel to get snacks and candy , while Harry was renting them both a motorbike .

Louis paid the cashier with a smile and thanked her , stuffing the snacks into his backpack . He walked out of the store just in time for Harry to arrive with the motorbike .

"Put this on , let's go ." Harry handed Louis a helmet , Louis took it and sat behind him , "Wait , let me take a picture ."

He put the helmet on and pulled out the selfie stick , mentally thanking Gemma for buying it for them as one of the engagement gifts .  He took a few pictures and stuffed the stick back into his backpack along with his phone , "Let's go ."

Harry pressed the gas and took off , Louis squeaked a little and wrapped his arms tighter around Harry's torso .

The exited the area very quickly , and Louis couldn't help the smile spreading on his lips ; the view was amazing . He then giggled when he realized something , reminding himself to tell Harry when they stop .

They started going up a mountain , the road was mostly empty and the weather was perfect . Louis scooted a little closer and squeezed Harry's body between his knees for balance as he spread his arms to the sides , enjoying the wind against his skin .

After another ten minutes they reached a stop , Harry slowed down and parked the motorbike , turning it off . He took his helmet off and turned his head to Louis , who took off his helmet aswell . "Did you like it ?"

"It was so much fun !" Louis grinned , he got up from the seat and put the helmet down , "You know what I realized ?"

"I assumed you had inside thoughts , heard you laughing to yourself on the way ." Harry teased , Louis punched him lightly in the abs .

"I was looking at the view when we rode , and I realized our wedding theme is haunting us ." Louis said , "The trees are green , and the sky and sea is blue ." He giggled a little .

Harry raised his eyebrow and let out a laugh , Louis buried his face in his hands and giggled .

"You're so precious ." Harry brought him into his chest and kissed the top of his head , turning his head to the scenery , "It is true , though ."

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