Ch. 26

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The firefighters in our station did the Mannequin challenge , I laughed so hard because I love them so much , they're the best XD

Enjoy x


Louis woke up bundled up under the covers , he had dried tears on his cheeks and his chest was slightly hurting . He knew what that meant ; he had an attack the night before . 

He buried himself into the pillow , feeling his throat tighten at the thought of what happened last night . Did he actually cancel the wedding ?

He didn't know he was crying until a sob escaped his lips into the pillow , he hugged the covers tighter around himself and cried softly into the pillow .

He calmed down a few minutes later , and he felt like he was in the state he was eight months ago ; broken , shattered , about to give up . He wanted to know if his blade is still in the bathroom .

He lifted himself up and wiped his face , placing his feet on the floor and pushing himself to stand up . He was about to walk into the bathroom when there was a knock on the door , "Boobear ? Are you awake ?" Jay asked .

Louis sighed quietly and walked up to the door , opening it a little . Jay looked at him sadly , "Can I come in ?"

Louis nodded and opened the door wider , Jay stepped in and put her hand on his back , "Sit on the bed , darling ."

Louis sat down , Jay sat next to himand rubbed his back , "How are you feeling ?"

"B-bad . Sick ." Louis whispered , and Jay was already having flashbacks .

"Lou , I talked to Harry ." She tightened her arm around his body , "I talked to him and he explained everything to me . He's not cheating on you , I can promise you that ."

Louis looked down to his lap , refusing to lift his head up .

"He's downstairs , I'll send him up here so you two can talk . I'll give him a plate with some breakfast for you ." Jay kissed his temple . She noticed Louis isn't reacting , so she brought him into a hug , "Boo , he loves you so so much and you know that . You have no idea how worried he was when I called him last night to come over and help you calm down ."

"H-he was here ?"

"Of course he was . I even smacked him a little for breaking a speed limit ." Jay smiled softly , she kissed his head once more before pulling back , "I'll go call him , okay ? I'll give you a few minutes to get refreshed , wash your face and calm yourself down ."

Louis nodded and thanked her , she kissed his forehead and left the room .

Lousi sighed and got up from the bed , going to the bathroom . He didn't bother looking at himself in the mirror as he washed his face and brushed his teeth . He did his business and left the bathroom back to his room , getting under the covers with his back against the bedpost .

He looked around the room ; he has so many memories with Harry in this room - all the cuddles , laughs , kisses .

A soft knock on the door pulled him out of his thoughts . "Lovely ? Can I come in ?" Harry asked , Louis cleared his throat a little , "Y-yeah ." He pulled the covers up as Harry opened the door and gave him a soft smile , "Good morning ."

"Morning ." Louis whispered , Harry placed tray with a plate full of bacon , scrambled eggs and a few cut up vegetables and a glass of juice on the table and went to sit on the bed next to Louis .

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