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Hope you'll like this book ! xx


"Hazzie ," Louis mumbled quietly , nosing Harry's jawline .

"Yeah , lovely ?" Harry turned his head to face him , a smile on his face .

"Can you believe we're actually getting married ?" Louis asked with a grin , Harry pressed a kiss to his forehead , "Yes I do , love ."

"Hey , save this phrase for the wedding ." Louis giggled and hit his chest lightly , Harry chuckled and hugged him closer to his chest , "You're adorable ."

"I want to have three children , two boys and a girl , and the boys will be older than the girl so they can protect her ." Louis rambled , tracing shapes on Harry's chest .

"But first , we'll get us pets , and get married ." Harry tightened the covers around them , "Alright ?"

"Yeah , okay ." Louis nodded and closed his eyes , "Night Hazzie ."

Harry tilted his head up and pressed their lips together , "Night , lovely ."


Just a small one before we jump into the story .

You missed it , didn't you ? I missed it too so so much x

Hopefully this book will be as good as I want it to be , love you all !! I'll start posting chapters during June , I just really couldn't wait to start updating .


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