Ch. 35

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Louis shyly grasped Harry's hand as they walked over to the director , who smiled at them , "Hey , I'm Rory , the director of the photoshoot ." He shook their hands with a smile .

Today was the day of the wedding photoshoot , and as requested , they were in a meadow , green grass and flowers everywhere .

Harry gave Louis' small hand a soft squeeze before talking to Rory , "This is our first photoshoot so we know nothing about how it's all going to be done , go easy on us ."

"Relax mate , it's not for a worldwide magazine ." Rory smiled , "You'll do great I promise . Let's get going now , I'll show you around before we get started ."

The two followed him , Rory went through the makeup and hair area , dressing cabins , food and snacks area and shooting areas . They met the crew and saw how things are going to be done , and what pictures are planned .

"So from what I heard from Evelyn , you two are very fond of each other ." Rory smiled at them as they sat at one of the tables in the food area , "She told me a little about yourselves . I know that you're opposites , Harry you're a boxer , and I can see multiple tattoos , Louis you're the cute one who Harry gets overprotective over pretty easily ."

Louis giggled a little , "You have no idea ."

"So I thought , and tell me if you agree , we could bring this into the pictures . I want people to look at the pictures and the first thing to come to their minds will be 'damn they're so in love , I want that' ." Rory said , Louis blushed and hid his face in Harry's bicep shyly , making him chuckle .

"I have my instructions for you two , but I mostly want you two to be natural , like you always are with each other . Okay ?" Rory explained , the two agreed .

"Alright , let's take you to the cabins to see what outfits we have for you . Evelyn gave us your sizes and tastes in clothings , so we did our best to find ones ." Rory opened the door to one of the cabins , a woman was in there , who they mey earlier , Brooke .

"Brooke , show them the outfits . We'll be outside ready for shooting ." Rory said and left the room .

"Alright , so I have some outfits for you two ." Brooke said and went over to the stocks , "This is Harry's , this is Louis' . You can look through it and look for the ones you like the most ."

Harry softly nudged Louis to go to his stock , knowing he's shy . Louis let go of his hand , unwillingly , and went to look through the outfits on the hangers while Harry did the same .

They pulled out a few outfits , glad they were given simple clothings and not anything crazy with too many colours .

Brooke helped them with choosing matching outfits for the first shoot and showed them where the changing rooms are . They changed and stepped out , Harry smiled and held his hand out for Louis , "Ready to go ?"

Louis nodded with a smile and took his hand , they thanked Brooke and walked out of the cabin . They walked over to Rory , who was holding a camera , along with another woman with a camera too .

"Bianca will take the videos and I will be taking the pictures , so I want you two to be natural , okay ? Don't pay attention to us . I know it'll be hard at first , but just block us out and do your own thing . Keep it PG ."

Louis blushed a little as he and Harry nodded , then looked up at Harry as if telling him he's the lead . Harry smiled at him and turned his body to face him , taking both Louis' hands in his own , "Come on ."

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