Ch. 18

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"Hazzie , where are my shoes ?" Louis asked , looking around the house . Harry walked out of the bedroom with Louis' shoes in his hands , he sat him on the couch and crouched in front of him to put them on for him .

"Promise you won't be harsh on Lottie's boyfriend ?" Louis asked , Harry chuckled , "Lovely , I promised you a thousands times . I promise not to be harsh on him ."

"And don't embarrass her ." Louis poked his dimple , Harry scrunched his nose , "About that ..."

"Hazzie ." Louis whined , "If you embarrass her she'll blame me ."

"Alright , alright . I'll do my best not to embarrass her ." Harry finished tying Louis' shoes and leaned forward to kiss his lips .

Louis said goodbye to Milky and Peaches before the two left the house .

Harry parked the car outside Jay's house , the two got out and walked up the front stairs . Louis knocked on the door , Phoebe opened the door and jumped on Louis in a hug .

"Hey little monster ." Louis smiled and hugged her , "How are you ?"

"I'm good ! Lottie's boyfriend is already here ." Phoebe let go of Louis and hugged Harry , Harry picked her up and walked into the house after Louis .

Jay approached the door with Doris on her chest , she greeted the two and passed Doris to Louis .

"Hi there ." He smiled and kissed her cheek , laying her on his shoulder . Harry placed Phoebe down and turned his attention to Doris , poking her nose and making faces .

Daisy hugged Harry's legs , Harry looked down to her and picked her up , "Hey there ."

"Hi ! Come meet Tommy !" Daisy played with Harry's hair .

"In a bit , okay ?" Harry put her down , she nodded and hugged Louis aswell , clinging to his side .

Felicite walked over with Ernest , Ernest squealed when he recognised Louis . Louis grinned and giggled , passing Doris carefully to Daisy and taking Ernest instead .

"My little lad , how are you ?" Louis kissed his cheek and positioned him on his hip , Ernest placed his small hand on Louis' cheek and squealed again .

Louis walked into the living room , lottie and her boyfriend , Tommy , were sitting on the couch with Jay and Dan .

Louis placed Ernest on the carpet and walked up to Lottie , she smiled and got up to give him a hug .

"How is it going so far ?" Louis whispered .

"It's going good , don't let Harry's protectiveness ruin this ." She giggled , making him giggle aswell . "I made him promise thousands of times , don't worry ."

They pulled back , Harry pulled Lottie into his chest , "Hi ."

"Hey ." She hugged him back .

"Don't worry , I promised Louis I won't do anything ." He tickled her side a little , making her giggle and push him away .

She turned back to the couch and took Tommy's hand , he stood up next to her , Louis bit his lower lip when the guy was slightly taller than him .

"Louis , Harry , this is Tommy . Tommy , this is my brother Louis and his fiance Harry ." Lottie introduced them .

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