Ch. 54

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Louis was on a small break from the meeting with Jannet , he sat at one of the Cafe tables with hot chocolate and a cupcake , when Winter walked into the place , looking quite lost .

"Winter ." He called her , Winter turned her head towards him and walked up to him quickly , sitting in front of him , "I need advice ."

Louis raised his eyebrows , "Is everything okay ?"

"Yeah , well no . But , I just - I don't know ." Winter pushed her hair back , Louis put his hand on her arm , "Talk to me ."

She sighed and leaned her head on her hand . "I think I still love Liam ."

"What made you realize that ?"

"I was out with Brennen last night , and we had a great time . I kept telling myself that Brennen is a good guy , that he can help me move on , but in the back of my mind I was comparing him to Liam subconsciously ." She played with her nails a little . "I like Brennen , he's great , but I can't get over Liam , I just love him ."

"Do you think you'd give Liam another chance if you could ?" Louis rubbed her arm comfortingly .

"Yeah , maybe . I mean , I rejected him so I'm not sure he wants me anymore . But as much as I want to move on and forget the pain he caused me , but at the same time I want up to keep having good memories together ."

Louis pouted a little , taking her hand in his own . "Tell you what ; take yourself some time off both of them to think things over , I really want to help you but I can't decide for you . Also , you should explain the situation to Brennen , you can't leave him hanging ."

"I know , it's just so hard . He'll hate me for doing this to him ."

"He wouldn't , he will understand ."

"I hope so ."

Louis pushed the cupcake over to her , she pulled a small bite and brought it up to her mouth , "I'm scared , Lou ."

"You shouldn't be , you just need to be honest ." Louis smiled softly before taking a sip of his hot chocolate . "Want me to get you something to drink ?"

"No , I'm going out for lunch with my brother , I just really needed to come here and talk to you ."

Louis nodded and gave her hand a squeeze , she squeezed his hand back , "I should get going now . I'll talk to you later ."

"Alright , see you ." He nodded and watched her leaving .


Louis let out a breath as he walked into his and Harry's house , "Hazzie ?"

"Kitchen !" Harry called , Louis took his shoes off in the entrace and placed his bag down , picking Peaches up and kissing her head as he walked into the kitchen .

"Hey Boo ." Harry smiled as he turned the oven off , "Just finished making lunch , go get in comfy clothes and come down to eat ."

Louis nodded , "But I want a kiss first ." 

Harry leaned down and pressed their lips together , pulling back when Peaches licked his cheek and barked cutely .

"You want a kiss too ?" Harry chuckled and kissed her small head , petting her head softly . He took her from Louis' arms so Louis could go change , he kissed her head once more before putting her down .

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