Ch. 8

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"Lou , are you coming ?" Harry asked as he placed the laptop on the kitchen table and sat down infront of it with paper and a pen , Louis walked towards him with Peaches in his hands , he sat next to him and placed her on his lap , "I'm here , let's get started ."

"Okay , so I talked to my mum and asked for a bit of advice on how to start planning the wedding , I wrote down a few notes and we'll try following them , okay ?" Harry pointed to the notes he wrote down , Louis nodded , "Okay , where are we starting ?"

"First we'll write down the ideas we have , for the church , place , design , style , clothes , theme , gardening , food , and we'll save it all in a binder or something ."

"Oh , jesus . Okay , well , I can tell you my ideas , I uh - I already have some ." Louis said with light blush covering his cheeks .

Harry gave him a fond smirk , "Do you ? Tell me your ideas ." He placed his arm on the back of the chair Louis was sitting on .

"I was to get married on the beach , on sunset . We'll wear white dress pants and dress shirts , with no blazer on . Maybe I'll put on suspenders and you'll have a tie on in matching colours like blue and green . Then we'll have a nice party , also in the blue and green theme . Also the girls asked to be the flower girls , so I want us all to wear blue and green flowercrowns , and they'll throw blue and green petals . I don't know what I want for our honeymoon yet , but I don't really mind . But I really want a blue and green theme ." Louis rambled , his head bowing down and playing with Peaches as he did .

Harry was watching him the whole time with a grin , he lifted his head up by his chin and kissed him , "You're absolutely adorable ."

Louis blushed deeper , "It's just something I thought about ."

"What if I make all of this come true ?" Harry asked and caressed his cheek , Louis looked up at him with hope in his eyes , "Can you really ?"

"I can do anything for you , lovely ." Harry pecked his nose and turned to the paper in front of him , writing down all the ideas Louis told him . "We're going to have the perfect wedding ." He smiled , Louis grinned and wrapped his arms around Harry's neck in a hug , "I love you ."

"I love you more ." Harry wrapped an arm around him and kissed his cheek .


"I wanna nap ." Louis lied on his stomach on the couch , Harry sat next to him and rubbed his back , "You have an afternoon shift today , remember ?"

Louis nodded and yawned , "Yeah , I just want to nap a little ."

Harry leaned down to peck his cheek , "Okay , I'll wake you up in time ."

"Thank you ." Louis sleepily called to Harry , Harry gave him a wink and went to get him a blanket and a pillow .

When he got back Louis was half asleep , he mumbled another small "thank you" when Harry put the pillow under his head and draped the blanket over his body .

Harry sat in the kitchen table and watched Louis with a smile until he fell asleep , then started looking on the internet for a good wedding planner to make it the best wedding he could give Louis .

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