Ch. 29

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Harry parked his car outside Liam's place , he turned towards the backseat where Winter and Louis were sitting .

"You ready ?" He asked , she nodded , "Let's get this over with ."

The three got out of the car , Harry walked in front of the two . He knocked on the door , a few seconds later Liam opened it , slightly out of breath . His eyebrows raised , "Harry ? What are you doing here ?"

"We're here for Winter's stuff ." He said and let Louis and Winter in , following close behind . Liam was quick to run after them and block the way , "You can't go into the bedroom ."

"Liam , I don't care if she's there , I'm here for my stuff and I'm leaving ." Winter said and pushed past him , going into the room . She saw Cheryl laying on the bed in her bra and a short jeans , she sighed sadly and walked to the closet .

Cheryl quickly threw on the closest shirt , which was Liam's , watching as Louis and Winter filled up two suitcases , with Harry guarding the two from Liam .

"Please just let me talk to her ." Liam said , Harry shook his head , "No , and I swear I'll punch you if you try getting close to her ."

Ten minutes later all of Winter's clothes were packed , Harry helped her carry it out of the room . After loading the trunk Louis pouted lightly as he wiped Winter's tears , "I hate seeing you cry ."

"I can't believe this is over like this ." She shook her head , Louis hugged her and watched as Harry pushed Liam back into the house and closed the door when Liam tried getting to Winter again .

Harry approached the two , "Ready to go ?"

"Could you drop me off at my dad's ? I still need to tell him ." Winter said , Harry nodded , "Of course , let's go ."

Harry drove them to Winter's house ; she only had her dad and older brother , and her brother was away on his last year of university .

Harry helped her unload the suitcases and take them up to the house , she knocked on the door and wiped under her eyes a little .

The door opened , a muscly man opened it , his eyebrows raised , "Oh , Winter . Wasn't expecting you , is everything okay ?"

"No ." She shook her head , her dad frowned in realization , "I'll go get my shotgun ." He turned to leave but she grabbed his arm , "Just leave it , I'll explain later ."

He sighed and nodded , helping Harry carry the suitcases into the house . Louis and Harry hugged her goodbye and made her promise to call her in the morning .

Louis frowned sadly , "I hate seeing her so upset ."

"Me too . And over Liam , that's the last thing I expected ." Harry opened the passenger's door for Louis , who pecked his cheek and slid in .

They arrived back at their place ten minutes later and walked into the house , Peaches approached them wagging her tail . Louis smiled down at her and picked her up , Harry patted the small of his back , "I'll make us some tea , go sit on the couch ."

Louis sat on the couch with Peaches on his lap , he pet her softly and smiled at her . Harry soon joined , he sat next to him and placed two mugs on the table . Louis cuddled into his side , "Peaches missed you ." He brought the puppy up to rest on Harry's chest , Peaches licked his chin .

Harry smiled and pet her , "Missed you too , pup ."

"My pup ." Louis picked her up , sitting crossed legged next to Harry and holding Peaches to his chest .

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