Ch. 27

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"You ready love ?" Harry asked as he finished putting on his shoes , Louis nodded and slipped his feet quickly into his shoes , "Yeah , just my phone ." He went to get it from the bedroom , Harry patted his bum , "Quickly , we don't want to be late ."

Louis skipped into the room and got his phone , jumping on Harry's back as he waited in the entrace . Harry chuckled and caught the back of his knees , getting out of the house and locking it . 

He put Louis down near the passenger's door , opening it for him . Louis pecked his cheek and got into the car , Harry right after him .

They reached the place , Anne , Robin , Gemma , Jay , Dan and Louis' siblings were already there . Phoebe and Daisy attacked the two in a hug , making them laugh lightly .

"Come on , we're a bit late already , we need to get everyone measured and it'll take some time and patience ." Jay said , but Louis insisted on hugging her before they get in , minding Doris in her arms .

She giggled softly and rubbed his back , "Everything okay , Boobear ?"

"Yeah , just missed you , that's all ." Louis smiled and pulled back , Jay kissed his cheek , "Come on now , let's go in ."

They walked into the place , greeting the two women , Anne's friends . The two smiled back and walked over to greet them .

"I'm Sarah , this is Martha ." Sarah introduced them , "We'll take your measures , follow me ."

The group followed the two farther into the place , "You can all sit here on the couches while the others get measured ." Martha said , "Firsts will be the future husbands ."

Louis and Harry smiled and let the two take their measures ; arms , legs , waist , chest , bicep , etcetra .

Once they finished they took Ernest and Doris , keeping them entertained as Jay and Anne were measured .

An hour later they were all measured , and started describing what they wanted their outfits to look like .

Harry and Louis have matching outfits ; The flower girls  - Lottie , Felicite , Daisy and Phoebe - also have matching dresses ; Anne and Jay have their own matching dresses , Robin and Dan have matching suits ; Ernest and Doris have matching outfits aswell ; Gemma had her own dress , since she insisted on 'being the unique one' .

They thanked Sarah and Martha as they left and decided to go out for lunch , choosing a restaurant just down the street .

Louis held Ernest on his lap , smiling at his baby brother . Harry made faces at him and tickled his stomach , grinning as the baby giggled . Louis passed Ernest to his lap as Phoebe cuddled into his side , he smiled at her , "How have you been , kiddo ?"

"Been okay . I missed you ." She wrapped her arms around him .

"Aw , missed you too , Phoebes ." Louis kissed her forehead and squeezed her , "I'll try my best to visit you guys some more , okay ?"

She nodded , "Okay , and bring Peaches and Milky , I miss them too ."

"I will , they'd love to see you all again ." Louis moved her hair behind her ear , when the waitress came up to their table to collect their orders .


Louis and Harry cuddled on the couch late at night , Louis had an afternoon shift and Harry had a boxing session for his next fight in two weeks .

"Every passing day we're a step closer to the wedding ." Harry rubbed Louis' back , who yawned and nodded tiredly , "I know . I'm so excited , you have no idea ." He smiled .

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