Ch. 22

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Harry was laying on his front on Sunday morning , Louis straddling his lower back and massaging his shoulders . Harry sighed softly into the pillow , "Feels great , lovely ."

Louis smiled and leaned down to press a kiss to his shoulder blade , he massaged into his spine , "You need to be more careful , Hazzie ."

"I know , I wasn't really thinking . Guess that punch yesterday wasn't as good as I thought it was . Atleast I managed to knock him out ."

Louis lied across Harry's back , "Whatever he said it doesn't matter , because it's not him I'm going to marry , now , is it ?"

A smile spread on Harry's lips , making Louis smile aswell and kiss his cheek . He got off him and let Harry pull him into his chest , pressing their lips together .

"Mm , Hazzie , I'm getting hungry ." Louis mumbled against his lips , "I'll go get us tea and cookies ."

Harry nodded but didn't let go of him , Louis giggled and pulled back , pecking his nose and getting out of bed .

Harry smiled and stared at his bum as he walked out of the room , whistling playfully . Louis giggled and shook his head slightly .

A few minutes later Louis was back with a tray , walking carefully to the bed . Harry held the tray as Louis got into bed next to him , kissing his cheek as a 'thank you' .

"I put a movie on , Liam recommended ." Harry placed the pillows against the bedpost for them to lean on , Lous handed him his tea mug and took his own , along with the plate of cookies .

Louis leaned into Harry's side and took a sip of his tea , "I'm excited for our meet up with Evelyn tomorrow ."

"Me too . And I may shouldn't tell you , but I've decided where I'm taking you for our honeymoon ." Harry said , a smile spreading on his lips .

Louis sat up and turned to face him , "Tell me ."

"Nope , this is a surprise ." Harry tapped his nose , Louis whined , "Pleaseeee , tell me !"

Harry shook his head , chuckling when Louis pouted , "I want to know ."

"You'll know , but not now . It's still not settled yet , because first we need to decide what date our wedding is ."

"Okay ." Louis nodded , still pouting . Harry laughed softly and held his arm open for Louis to cuddle into , Louis snuggled into his side and sipped on his tea .

The movie was about to end , when Louis' phone went off . He sat up and reached for it , seeing his mum is calling him .

"Hey mumma , what's up ?"

"Hey , dear . Uhm - I can't tell you this over the phone . D-Do you think you could come over ?"

"Sure . Why do you sound off ?"

"I'll explain when you come over ."

"Alright , uh I'll be there in a bit ."

They hung up , Harry turned , "Do you need a ride to your mum's ?"

"Yeah ." Louis nodded and got out of bed with Harry , they got dressed quickly and left the house .

"Did she say what happened ?" Harry asked , Louis shook his head , "No , she said she'll explain when we get there ."

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