Ch. 16

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"Lovely , are you ready ?" Harry asked from the living room , Louis walked out of the bedroom , "Yeah , did our mums say when they're going to be here ?"

As if on que there was a knock on the door , Louis giggled to himself and opened it , greeting Jay and Anne .

The three sat in the living room as Harry was making them all tea .

"Evelyn , the wedding planner , just texted me she's going to be here in a few ." Harry walked into the living room with a tray of tea mugs , he placed it on the table and sat next to Louis .

"You said you have pretty much everything planned , yeah ?" Anne asked , Louis nodded , "Yeah , we wrote down some ideas and saved up pictures for examples ." He pointed to the papers and laptop on the table .

"Is there a theme you'd like to have ?" Jay asked .

Harry nodded with a smile , "Yeah , we're going to have a Blue and Green theme ; since it matches our eyes colour ."

"What made you decide on that theme ?" Anne asked , sending Jay a fond smile , which Jay returned .

"Well , when we first met , we looked into eachother's eyes on instinct ." Harry explained and wrapped his arm around Louis' waist , pulling the blushing boy into his side .

"I'm probably going to cry so hard on your wedding day , this is just exciting ." Jay grinned at the two , Louis reached out to hold her hand , "Please don't cry , if you cry you'll make me cry too ."

"You know I won't help it , Boo ." Jay squeezed his hand , "You've grown up so much , it just gets me emotional ."

There was a knock on the door , Harry got up to open it , greeting Evelyn with a smile , "Hey , come in ."

She walked inside , Louis , Anne and Jay stood up to greet her aswell , introducing themselves . Evelyn sat between the four on the couch , "So , as Harry told me , you already have some ideas planned , right ?"

"Yeah , it's - it's right here ." Louis reached out for the papers , "Sh-should I read it out loud ?"

"Yes please ." Evelyn nodded and took out her own paper and pen .

"Okay , so ; the theme we want for the wedding is blue and green . We'd like to have the ceremony by the beach , and the party in a place near aswell . We have some outfit ideas , uh - "

"Just tell me everything you have , if I have any other questions I'll ask ." Evelyn reassured him , he nodded .

"Harry and I will wear white dress pants and white dress shirts , no blazers on . We'll have a bow tie and suspenders in the theme colours , and themed flowercrowns . My sisters asked to be the flower girls , so they'll wear mathing dresses and throw blue and green petals along the aisle ."

Jay wiped under her eyes , making Louis pout , "Mum , I told you not to cry ."

"Sorry Boo , I'm just emotional ." Jay laughed softly , Anne hugged her and sighed , "They're growing up so beautifully , aren't they ?"

"Please continue , if you have anything else ." Evelyn told Louis , he nodded and looked back down to the paper .

"Since the ceremony and party is blue and green , I think the tables and seats and flowers will be in the colours , along with white . Uhm - I don't know what else ." He looked down to the papers , scanning for something he didn't say yet . "For our slow song we pick All Of Me by John Legend . Also for the party's place , we'd like to have a place with these big glass windows , with the sea in view ."

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