Ch. 21

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"Are you nervous for today ?" Louis asked as he ran his fingers through Harry's now short hair , they were still in bed before they had to get up ; Harry has another boxing match today .

"Mm , not quite . Last one was a joke , and I'm hoping for a challenge today ." Harry sighed , Louis whined a little , "But you know I hate it when you get hurt ."

Harry smiled softly , "I know lovely , but this is a part of being a professional boxer . As I'll get more into the matches , the ones I fight will be stronger each time . I can't not get hurt ."

"I know ." Louis pouted , Harry kissed his pout , "Come on , let's get up . I'll make us breakfast ."

"Carry me ." Louis held his arms up , Harry scooped him up over his shoulder , making him squeal .


Harry had his bag slung over his shoulder as he got out of the car , holding his hand out for Louis . They thanked Charles for the ride and turned to go to Paul , Austin and James .

"Hello ." Paul shook the two's hands , "Ready for today ?"

"Yeah , did you get me a challenge ?" Harry asked , Paul nodded , "Trust me , you'll love it ."

Harry chuckled and they walked up to the entrace as pictures of them were taken from both sides of the pathway .

They reached Harry's dressing room , Paul went to arrange things , Austin and James stayed outside the room while Harry and Louis were inside .

Harry placed his bag on the table , "Help me decorate ?"

Louis raised his eyebrows and walked over to him , "What did you bring ?"

Harry opened his bag and pulled out a few picture frames with pictures inside , of him and Louis , his friends and family . He pulled out wall stickers , making Louis giggle a little .

"Oh shut it , I got flowers only because you're my flowerchild ." Harry chuckled and booped his nose , "But , I also got some of my tattoos , a special order I made ."

Louis blushed and kissed Harry's cheek , "You're sweet ."

"Only for you ." Harry pecked his lips , "Where do you think the stickers should be ?"

Louis looked around the room , tapping a finger on his chin . "Uhm , we - we could put them either on the ceiling and it'll look really cool , or on the wall above the couch ."

"I think the wall above the couch would be great ." Harry nodded , he turned back to the table and collected all the stickers he brought .

Thirty minutes later they finished decorating the wall , Louis flopped down on the couch and sighed , "When are the fights beginning ?"

"In in hour ." Harry said and walked to his bag , taking out his workout clothes . He changed into them and started warming up , doing push ups , sit ups and more .

Louis got a text from Winter that they're inside , he got up from the couch , "I need to go now , Winter said they're inside so I'll go be with them ."

"Alright ." Harry took his hand and opened the door , "Austin , please take Louis to his seat safely . Don't let anyone touch him unless he says he knows them ."

Austin nodded , Louis turned to kiss Harry and wish him good luck before turning around to go to his seat .

Soon they reached Louis' seat , Louis thanked Austin with a smile and turned to greet Winter , Liam , Niall and Zayn .

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