Ch. 34

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Harry chuckled softly as he placed one hand on Louis' thigh , which was shaking a little , the other remaining on the wheel , "Lovely , calm down ."

"I can't , I'm too excited ." Louis shook his head , his knee bouncing , Harry smiled softly and took his hand off his thigh so he could park the car properly , "We're here ."

They got out of the car , Harry locked it and took Louis' hand . They walked into the Jewelry store , Louis bit his lower lip and squeezed Harry's fingers a little .

"Hello , how can I help you ?" The lady behind one of the desks smiled at them warmly , they approached her and smiled back .

"We're here to pick our wedding rings ." Harry said with a smile .

"Oh , congratultions !" She grinned , the two thanked her . "For starters , my name is Lisa , and I'd like to know if you're looking for something more specific , or you're ready for options . For example , do you want it to be gold or silver , or a mix of both , any stones , sizes , carvings ." She said and took out a paper and a pen .

"We want silver rings , mine will be a thick one and Louis' will be thin ." Harry said , Lisa nodded and wrote it down . Harry continued , "For stones , if there's a chance to get green or blue stones on the rings , I'd take it ."

"We have special orders , if you'd like . Then you can pick out whatever you'd like and we'll have it ready in a week ." Lisa said , Hary nodded , "Okay , then we'll have a special order . Uhm , both rings will have a small blue-green stone , and on the inside of the rings we want an infinity carved ." 

Lisa wrote it all down , "Alright , then let me show you the options ." She led them to the other side of the table , "Pick out whatever you'd like ."

Louis looked down at the rings , trying to find one he likes . He wanted something small and simple , not an enormous one . His eyes fell on one and he pointed at it through the glass , "Can I try this one ?"

 His eyes fell on one and he pointed at it through the glass , "Can I try this one ?"

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Lisa nodded and took the ring out , handing it to Louis . Louis thanked her and slid the ring on , Harry smiled and watched him fondly . 

Louis smiled down at his finger , "I like it ."

"We'll take it ." Harry said , Louis looked up , "Are you sure ? It costs -"

"The cost doesn't matter , as long as you like ." Harry cut him off and pinched his cheek softly , Louis blushed and nodded , pecking his cheek , "Thank you ."

"I have a matching ring for this one , if you'd like to see ." Lisa said , the smile never leaving her face as she watched the two .

Harry nodded and watched as she pulled out the ring , handing it to him .

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