Ch. 44

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"Boo , Charles is here , we need to go ." Harry called towards the bedroom , where Louis was . Charles arrived to pick them up for Harry's ring fight .

Louis jumped on one foot out of the bedroom while he go this other foot into the shoe , "Coming ." He said , Harry smiled softly and patted his thigh , "Come here , I'll help you ."

Louis put his foot on Harry's thigh , Harry helped him slide the shoe on his foot and gave his knee a pat , "Your phone ?"

"Here ." Louis tapped his back pocket , Harry nodded and took his hand , "Let's go ."

They walked out of the house and locked the door , getting into the SUV with Charles driving .

Louis had Harry's hand intertwined with one hand , his other hand running his fingertips along his writs . "I didn't miss you getting hurt in those fights ."

Harry kissed his temple , "I'll be alright , lovely ."

"I know , but - but you know I hate seeing you hurt ." Louis whined softly , Harry smiled , "You're cute when you worry about me ."

"How can I not worry about you ?" Louis leaned his head on Harry's shoulder , Harry nuzzled his hair , "I love that you're worried , though you shouldn't be ."

Soon enough they reached the place , Austin opened the car door for them with a smile . Harry got out and shook his hand quickly before turning to Louis , offering his hand for him to hold as he got out of the car .

Louis took his hand and got out , smiling at Austin . Paul and James approached them , Harry thanked Charles for the ride before greeting Paul and James .

"Got you quite a challenge today ." Paul patted Harry's shoulder , Harry smiled , "Hoping for one , to be honest . Louis doesn't , though ." He elbowed him gently , Louis elbowed him back , "I just don't like it when you get hurt ."

"Don't worry , your husband will be just fine ." Paul assured with a smile , "Now Harry go pose for the cameras , I'll give you a minute for pictures then we'll go inside ."

Harry nodded and left his bag with James , going farther down the pathway . 

Paul was in the middle of talking to Louis a little about the wedding and honeymoon , when Harry called Louis over .

Louis blushed softly and raised his eyebrows , Harry held his arm open , "Come here ."

"Go ." Paul patted his back , Louis shyly walked over to Harry and attached himself to his side , arm around him .

"Just smile ." Harry squeezed him into his side , his fingers grazing his side softly . He smiled in victory when Louis giggled , meaning his beautiful smile was showing . He looked down to him , Louis blushed and looked back up at him , "You remembered ."

"Yeah ." Harry kissed his forehead , "And it's a pretty good way to get you to smile wider in pictures ."

Louis hid his face in his chest , Harry kissed the top of his head , "Let's go inside ."

Paul , James and Austin walked with them into the place and down the halls to Harry's dressing room . Louis and Harry walked in , Louis slumped on the couch , "Can you cancel the fight ?" He whined a little .

Harry laughed and put his bag down , going to sit next to him . Louis lied his upper body across Harry's lap face down , Harry rubbed his back , "You know I can't , lovely ."

"But I'm worried ."

"I know you are , and I really appreciate it . But this is my job , and I'll do my best to win the fight - as long as you are there to cheer for me ." Harry ran his fingers up and down his spine , Louis sighed , "If they punch you too hard I'm punching them too ."

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