Ch. 43

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Harry woke up first , he had a morning training and an interview in the noon . He got out of bed and went to brush his teeth , then went to the kitchen to make him and Louis some breakfast .

Louis woke up a few minutes later , he stretched out when a thought crossed his mind , making him stare blankly into space . It took him a little to shake out of it , he sat up and reached for his phone , checking on today's date , making his heart sink a little more .

He got out of bed , brushed his teeth and got dressed in black jeans , black shoes and the Cafe's black shirt with it's logo on the left top corner .

He walked out of the room to see Harry finishing making breakfast , Harry looked over to him and smiled , "Morning , lovely ."

"Morning ." Louis said back and sat next to the table , keeping his gaze on the table . Harry frowned a little and brought the food to the table , sitting in front of Louis . "Is everything okay ?"

"Yeah . Good ." Louis nodded and reached for his fork , eating his breakfast in silence .

Harry wasn't convinced at all , but figured Louis would come around soon . "I have a morning training , and Paul got me an interview for the newspaper ."

Louis nodded and continued eating , "Exciting ."

Harry frowned deeper . "Yeah . It is ."

After eating Harry got dressed quickly and took his gym bag , phone and car keys , going to Louis who was waiting at the door . "Let's go ." He said , they walked out of the house and Harry locked the door .

Harry drove Louis to the Cafe in silence , and he was getting more concerned every second . Louis didn't smile or look at him even once since he woke up , and he was worried .

He parked outside the Cafe , "Have a good day ." He leaned to kiss him , Louis kissed him back , "You too ." He mumbled and got out of the car .

Harry sighed and watched him going into the Cafe , he wanted to see if it's something about him or Louis is just generally numb today . He saw Erin greeting him with a smile , Louis only nodded his head at him without looking at her before going into the employees' room .

He bit his lower lip , as much as he wanted to stay and try figuring out why Louis is acting like this , he had to go to the gym .


After the training and interview , which went smoothly and not as bad as he thought it would go , Harry got into his car and went to pick Louis up from the Cafe .

He parked outside and turned the car off , going into the place . He didn't see Louis anywhere , making him frown .

"Harry ?" He heard someone saying his name , he turned around to see George . "Hey , uh , where's Louis ?"

"He , uhm - he's been acting really weird all day , and then this girl walked in and greeted him . By the way she did I knew she wasn't a friend , and when Louis acknowledged her he froze - he was literally paralyzed for thirty seconds before our manager and Erin helped him to the employees' room . It happened just a few minutes ago , we were too focused on making him react that we didn't have time to call you . You should go get him and take him home ."

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