Ch. 36

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The wedding is getting closer , Louis and Harry can't be happier . Evelyn takes care of the last few things at the Plaza Palace (where the wedding is) , the only things left are throwing a bachelor party for the couple the night before the wedding day .

They didn't know how to celebrate , since their friends want to be with both of them . They didn't want to do anything major , wanting to be fresh for the wedding . So they decided ; Harry will celebrate with Niall and Zayn , Louis will celebrate with Winter and Gemma .

Harry will spend the night before the wedding at Anne's house , Anne , Robin , Zayn and Niall will stay with him to get ready for the day after .

Louis will spend the night at Jay's with Winter and Gemma , so they can all get ready together .

What excited Louis even more , apart from the wedding , is the honeymoon .


The day before the wedding , around six p.m , there was a knock on the door .

Harry got up from the couch , where he was cuddling Louis , he opened the door only to be attacked by Zayn , Niall , Winter and Gemma . The four cheered and hugged him , Harry laughed and let them have their moment .

"Get dressed , we're going out ." Zayn pushed Harry towards his room , Winter and Gemma ran to the living room , jumping on Louis in a hug . 

Louis squeaked in surprise and giggled , sitting up properly , "What are you doing here ?"

"Do you really think we'd let you just sit around the night before your wedding ?" Gemma asked raising her eyebrow , Louis pretended to consider but giggled when she gave him a light , playful shove .

"Once Harry is done getting dressed you'll go change , we're going out to eat then we'll buy ice cream and chocolate and go to my apartment for the rest of the night . We're spending the night at your mum's ." Gemma explained , Louis nodded with a smile , "Okay ."

Harry walked out of the room dressed , he went to kiss Louis goodbye before he was pulled out of the house by Zayn and Niall .

Winter ushered Louis to go get dressed , Louis giggled and went to put on something casual .

He walked out to Winter and Gemma waiting for him by the door , they walked out and locked the house , getting into Gemma's car .

Gemma plugged her phone into the AUX cord and blasted songs , the whole ride to the restaurant was filled with singing and laughing .

Gemma parked the car outside , the three walked into the place and found a booth in the back . 

"So , how does it feel almost being married ?" Gemma asked and thanked the waitress who handed them menus . Louis giggled , "I'm on the verge of crying everytime I think about it . I still can't wrap my head around it ."

"I won't be surprised if everyone at the wedding will cry , trust me ." Winter said , Gemma agreed , "Everyone is going to cry , this is going to be so emotional . Well you two are the cheesiest couple ever , how can we not cry ?"

"Well you know how Hazzie insists on being all cheesy , not that I mind , it just - makes me blush a lot ."

"It's adorable how you call him Hazzie ." Gemma poked his cheek , Louis giggled and blushed , "Yeah , made that nickname up a year and a half ago ."

The waitress approached them with a smile and took their orders , collecting their menus and leaving .

"I can't believe my baby brother is getting married tomorrow ." Gemma pouted , "I mean , he doesn't look like my baby brother , he's all broad , musclar , tall , his voice is deep - but he's my baby brother and I still can't believe . I remember when he got his first tattoo , mum and I were so shocked . Then he started going to the gym , he grew taller and his voice deepened . We didn't really expect him to come out to us as gay , but we accepted him . Then he told me he's crushing on someone ."

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