Character Answers

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This week won't be a chapter , instead it's the character asks , which is basically like a filler chapter .

This one took me forever , so I hope you'll enjoy it x



Q : How many kids do you want ?

L : I want three kids , two boys and a girl , and the boys will be older than the girl so they can protect her like Hazzie protects me . *Smiles*

Q : Why are you so cute ?

L : *Blushes* I don't know , I - I just am ? *Giggles*

Q : Why do you doubt Harry's love sometimes ?

L : Because , I know there are better ones out there -

H : There aren't , you're perfect for me . *Kisses his cheek*

Q : What's your favourite pass time ? (besides cuddling with Harry , playing with Milky and Peaches , or hanging with your family) 

L : *Giggles* Well , if I can't have any of these , I like watching this TV show , Sleepy Hollow . It's so amazing , though it scares me sometimes .

Q : Hi Lou want to be friends ? We can be nerds together XD

L : Ooh okay ! Winter and I like being nerds , join us . *Giggles*

Q : Are you going to have a surprise for Harry on the honeymoon ?

L : Unfortunately no , Hazzie is planning the whole honeymoon and I can't know a thing until our engagement party . *Pouts*

Q : This isn't a question , but I can't wait for your wedding ! You and Harry together is just so perfect . And tell Harry to keep doing what he's doing !

L : I can't wait too , I'm so excited ! And thank you , Hazzie and I are quite cute .

H : We're the cutest .

Q : Are you excited for the honeymoon ?

L : I'm reallyyyyy excited ! Can't wait . *Grins*

Q : Can I get a hug ?

L : Sure , come over . *Opens arms*

Q : Do you ever get jealous when Harry is with other men ?

L : Well , k-kind of . With both men and women .

H : *Caresses his cheek* You're cute when you're jealous , though you have nothing to be jealous about .

Q : What would you do if a girl came up and acts nice and innocent though she is very cruel and tries to be with Harry ?

L : I'd tell Harry , and make sure he believes me and stays away from her .

Q : Do you like it when Harry grabs\touches your bum ?

L : U-um - I

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