Ch. 7

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My cousin calls her little brother "Ryan the lion" and I find it so freaking cute , she's adorable . Sorry just had to share it with you .

Enjoy the chapter xx


"I have a surprise for you ." Harry gave Louis a smile , "I'll get you to see the surprise after your shift is over ."

"Nooo ," Louis whined , "I want to know now ."

"But then it won't be a surprise ." Harry chuckled , he pecked Louis' lips and playfully shooed him out of the car . Louis pouted and stuck his tongue at him .

"You're in for it later , for sticking your tongue at me ." Harry pointed a finger at him , Louis giggled and rolled his eyes , "Sure thing , big guy ."

"You're getting yourself into deeper trouble , mister !" Harry called before Louis closed the door , giggling .

He walked inside , greeting George , "Hi , how are you ? Heard you were sick ." He hugged him .

"Yeah , my nose was stuffy and I had a sore throat ." He gave Louis a smile , "But I'm better now ."

"Good ." Louis smiled and went to put his things in the employees' room , going to take a tray .

"I met Ally's girlfriend yesterday ." He told George , "Her name is Zeidy , she seems sweet ."

Louis went to serve a table , George was on the cashier spot and another employee on the sweets and coffee , his name is Dan (yes phans this is your Dan) .


"Ready for your surprise ?" Harry asked as he pulled out of the parking spot , Louis nodded excitedly , "I can't wait ! I'm so excited ." Louis thumped his feet happily , Harry chuckled and took his hand , kissing the back of it , "I promise you'll absolutely love it ."

Louis squeezed Harry's hand , "Can you give me a clue ?"

"Nope ." Harry shook his head and turned right , "It'll ruin the surprise ."

"But Hazzie ." Louis whined , Harry chuckled and shook his head again , "Nope ."

Louis pouted and crossed his arms over his chest , Harry shook his head with an amused smile , "We'll see if you'd still ignore me when we get to your surprise ." He poked his side .

Soon they reached their destination , Louis looked around confused , "Where are we ?"

Harry said nothing and just got out of the car , going to open Louis' door . Louis stepped out of the car , Harry took his hand and locked the car , "Close your eyes ."

"Hazzie , -"

Harry shushed him by covering his eyes while standing behind him , "Let's go ."

Louis held on Harry's arms as they walked , then Harry stopped , "We're here . Ready ?"

Louis nodded with an excited smile on his lips , Harry removed his hands , waiting for Louis' reaction . They stood in front of an animals' shelter .

Louis quickly connected the dots , his smile widened and he turned to Harry , jumping into his arms , hanging off his neck and squealing happily . Harry laughed and wrapped his arms around Louis' waist to keep him up , "I knew you'll get excited ."

"Let's go in already !" Louis squirmed in Harry's arms for him to let go , Harry had a wide , fond smile as Louis dragged him by his hand into the shelter .

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