Ch. 51

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There was a knock on the door , Louis squeaked as he jumped up from the couch , startling Harry a little at his burst .

Louis threw the door open with a grin , "Winnie ! Ahh come in , I can't wait to hear about your date ." He wrapped his arms around her in a hug , she laughed at his excitement and let herself get pulled into the house .

"Forgive him , he's been restless since you told him about going on a first date with Brennen ." Harry laughed from the kitchen , Winter shook her head , "It's okay , I can handle him ."

Louis pulled her by the arm to the living room , sitting her down and sitting next to her . "Tell me everything ."

"Okay , uh - he came to pick me up at eight p.m - sharp , if I may add - and of course dad was being protective and glared at him with no expression on . When we were in his car I apologized for my dad's acting , but he said he understands because of what happened with Liam ."

"Where did you two go ?"

"He took me to a really nice italian restaurant , it wasn't expensive but not cheap either - but oh god the food was amazing . We had a lovely conversation , it flowed really nicely , there wasn't an awkward silence at all . He's really funny , we laughed a lot ."

"Aw , cuties ."

"He kept complimenting me , and I was blushing so hard - probably the entire time ." Winter giggled , "He was very nice and smiley , and he's a great guy in general . You know I'm a little picky , but he's just a great guy , I really hope something can come out of us ." 

"When are we going on a double date ?" Louis asked , Winter laughed a little , "I'm going to take some more time getting to know him before the double date ."

"He's still going to have to go through me for permission ." Harry walked into the living room and poked her side , sitting next to Louis . Winter pushed his hand away and rolled her eyes , "Didn't think otherwise ."

"But so far , what's your opinion about him ?" Harry asked , letting Louis grab his hand and play with his rings .

Winter smiled softly , "So far , he's a great guy . I can talk to him about pretty much everything , he understands me and doesn't judge me , or anyone for that matter . He's funny , down to earth , and really goodlooking ." She sighed , "And if we'll be official - which I hope we will - I don't know how Liam would react . I mean , I know I shouldn't care but I still do ."

"He'll have to deal with it ." Louis said , "He's our friend and I care for him , but you have every right moving on and being happy with someone else . He needs to realize that ."

"I'm sure he will , but - but I won't be able to see him being sad ." Winter slumped a little , "I may not be dating him and we've been through quite a lot these past few months , but that doesn't mean I stopped caring for him ."

"We completely understand , but none of this is your fault . He is the one who messed up , and now he needs to face the consequences ." Harry tucked her hair behind her ear , "You deserve to be happy , not be stuck in the past ."

"You know , I've been thinking about it a lot since I met Brennen ... I like Brennen a lot , he's great , but a part of me still loves Liam ." She pouted softly , "Something deep inside the back of my mind is telling me that Liam is the one for me , but then it gets blurred with the images of him kissing Cheryl and the words he said about us ."

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