Ch. 10

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"Come on Lou , we need to go ." Harry finished tying his shoes , he walked to the bedroom where Louis just finished dressing , "I just need my shoes and we can go ." Louis said .

Harry nodded and got Louis his shoes , he helped him into them and took his hand , "Come on , I made a list and we need to get back home in time to cook and get some rest ." He said while leading him out of the house to his car .

"So organized ." Louis giggled and scrunched his nose , Harry chuckled and poked his cheek , "If it weren't me , who would it be ." He opened the passenger's door for him , Louis pecked his cheek and slid in .


Harry parked the car in the parking lot , the two got out and got a cart , saying 'good morning' with a smile to the security guard in the entrace .

Harry pulled his phone out and opened the notes , "So , here's our list , let's get started ."

Harry was pushing the cart as Louis filled it , only the groceries he reached without having to stretch himself up - he left that job to Harry .

While they were walking around , Louis was looking for some make up so he can cover up the lovebite Harry left under his jaw last night .

"What are you looking for ?" Harry asked when he noticed Louis looking around . 

"Some make up , for the lovebite ." Louis said as he kept turning his head side to side , his eyes roaming the shelves .

Harry smirked , he grabbed his hand and pulled him closer , "Don't cover it up , lovely . Suits you so good ." Harry pressed a kiss to the lovebite , Louis rolled his eyes playfully , "Only for when my family comes for dinner , Hazzie ."

"Fucking disgusting ." Harry heard someone muttering , his head snapped to see a guy making a disgusted face .

"If you have a fucking problem you can leave , we don't need your homophibic comments here ." Harry snapped , moving Louis to stand behind him .

"This is a public place mate , you're the ones who need to fuck off , not me . Keep your gayness out of sight ." The guy snapped back .

Louis fisted Harry's shirt from behind , he really didn't want him to get in a fight - even though he knows Harry is going to win .

"You'd better stay the fuck away from us because if you step even half a step closer , I'm fucking you up ." Harry growled lowly , making Louis shiver and press close to his back .

"You think you scare me ?" The guy chuckled , but his voice was slightly shaky - he was clearly scared .

Harry tried stepping closer but Louis pulled him back , whimpering quietly .

"I swear , if you don't leave I'm knocking you out ." Harry growled , keeping his voice as calm as he could .

The guy raised his eyebrow , "Oh so you're going to knock me out with rainbows and gayness shit -"

Before he could go on Harry took two steps towards the guy and slammed his fist as hard as he could into his face , knocking him to the ground unconscious . Louis covered his mouth in shock , clearly the intense boxing lessons are paying off .

Harry turned to face Louis , his rage calming down a little when he saw how shocked he was . He took a step towards him , but Louis subconsciously took a step back , hitting the shelves behind him .

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