Ch. 47

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"Bye coach , see you tomorrow ." Harry waved goodbye at Paul before leaving the gym , groaning to himself when a few men with cameras were waiting outside . They took pictures of him as he made his way to the car completely ignoring them , even when they asked him questions he found annoying .

He got in his car and started it , pulling out of the parking spot . He reached for his phone , sighing when he saw there's no battery .

He stopped at a red light and took his phone , plugging it to the charger in the car . He got slightly distracted with turning it on to call Louis , when suddenly a car slammed into his car from behind , making his head and back hit the seat and slam forward on the wheel .

He groaned at the pain in his forehead , when someone showed up at his window , "You alright , mate ?"

"What happened ?" He groaned , not lifting his head from the wheel .

"A drunk driver crashed into your car from behind , and you crashed into the car in front of you . The police and ambulance are on their ways , hang on there ." The guy said , "Do you have anyone to call to come get you ? You can't drive your car anymore ."

"I -" Harry was about to answer , but something felt odd . "I don't remember ."

"Maybe it's a slight head trauma , your memory will be back shortly . Could you hand me your phone ? I'll find someone to call ." The guy said , "My name is Oscar , I'll help you , mate ."

Harry held his phone up , Oscar took it and went on the emergency contacts , seeing the name "My Lovely" and a picture of Harry with a guy .

He called the number , talking to Harry while it rang so he'll stay conscious .

"Hey Hazzie ."

"Hey mate , uhm - my name is Oscar , is Harry your boyfriend ? Husband ?"

"H-He's my husband . Is everything okay ?"

"Yeah , but I'm going to need you to come get him , he got in a car accident . A drunk driver hit his car from behind , and Harry here is hurt , he has a temporary memory loss ."

It was quiet on the other side , though he could hear ragged breathings , shuffling and then a new voice .

"I'm Zayn , Louis' friend . Tell me where are you , we're coming to get him ."

Oscar told him the name of the street before hanging up , he put Harry's phone down and rubbed his shoulders , "Hang on , mate , the ambulance should be here any second now ."


Niall caught Louis as his knees gave in , he started crying and hyperventilating .

"Zee , he's having an attack ." Niall said in panic , Zayn got down on his knees with them and rubbed Louis' back .

"Not again . Not again . Not again ." Louis repeated , his hands grabbing his hair roughly .

"Lou , it's okay , Harry will be okay ." Niall said as Zayn pulled Louis' hands out of his hair , "Let's go get him , okay ?"

The two helped Louis up and out of their place to Zayn's car . Zayn drove while Niall was comforting Louis in the backseat .

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