Ch. 32

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Harry walked out of the bedroom with his gym bag on his shoulder , approaching Louis who was waiting for him at the door pouting a little .

Harry chuckled , "Why pouting , lovely ?" He placed his large hands to his waist , bringing him close to kiss his forehead .

"Don't want you to get hurt ." Louis said and lied his forehead on his chest , Harry smiled and kissed his head , "Boo , I won't get hurt badly ."

"But you'll still get hurt ." Louis whined a little , Harry brought him closer and wrapped his arms around him , "Lou , we discussed it even before I started training to be a proffesional . This is a part of the job ."

Louis kept pouting and wrapped his arms around his torso , "Promise to try not getting hurt really bad ?"

"I promise to do my best ." Harry squeezed him softly and rubbed his back , "Now go say goodbye to Peaches and Milky , we won't see them for a while ."

Louis pulled back and went to the living room , kneeling down to pick the two  and kiss them goodbye .

There was a knock on the door , Harry opened it and smiled at Charles , "Hey mate ."

"Hello . Ready to go ?" Charles shook Harry's hand with a smile , Harry nodded and turned his head to the living room , "Lou , we need to go !"

Louis put Milky and Peaches down and went to the door , he gave Charles a smile and let Harry intertwine their fingers .

They locked the house and followed Charles to the car , thanking him for opening the backseat door .

Thirty minutes later they reached the place , Harry got out and held his hand out for Louis . Louis took his hand tightly and got out of the car , they both smiled at Paul , James and Austin who were waiting outside .

The paps on both sides of the pathway to the place were taking pictures of every move , Louis clung to Harry who cooed softly and let Paul lead them into the place . He waved and smiled nicely at the paps before walking into the place .

"I got you a pretty good challenge today ." Paul said as they walked down the corridor to Harry's dressing room , "He's pretty good and I hope that today you'll feel what it is to actually fight someone and not just beat them up ."

"You know what , I kind of hope that too . It gets boring to just punch the guy and watch him fainting ." Harry chuckled , Louis pouted but didn't say a word .

They reached the room , Paul turned to face Harry , "The fights start in an hour and a half , get warmed up and ready ."

Harry nodded and walked into the room with Louis , James and Austin staying outside the room and Paul going to do some business .

Harry put his bag down and turned to Louis , who sat on the couch and looked around a little . He walked over to him and kneeled , hands on his thighs , "Lovely ?"

"Hm ?"

"I know you're thinking about what Paul said ." Harry smiled softly , he loved that Louis worried about him . "You're cute when you worry about me , but you really don't need to ."

"I can't not worry about you , I can't help it . Just like you can't help but punch guys who touch me ." Louis put his hands on Harry's and gave his large hands a squeeze , Harry chuckled and brought Louis small hands up to kiss his knuckles , "You're adorable ."

Louis scooted closer to Harry and wrapped his arms around his neck , Harry wrapped his arms around his waist , still kneeling between his legs . He kissed his shoulder , "Love you Boo ."

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